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    Wanted - New York xs650 title

    The Vermont bill of sale registration works. Just got my plate and reg for like $83.00 and now I can transfer to KY to get a title.
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    For Sale - 82 XS 650 "Basket Case"

    I would love the engine, greenville is a little far for me to travel, how much would you want for the engine? -Evan
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    PMA Alternative

    So long story short I am looking to do something different with my charging system. I would love to do a pma from hughes, but do too budget constraints I would like to get a little creative. I have seen the use of a belt drive alternator on a xs650 before, but it is a little more "junkyard"...
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    PO ruined my lower case.

    Ok what about making a bracket that I could attach to the side cover and bolt up to the stator? I think it would work, just gotta execute.
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    PO ruined my lower case.

    So I have the bike torn down and rewired and all but ready to ride and I go to find that one of the mounting points for the stator to be bolted down has been destroyed. Looks to me that the PO broke a bolt off. Then broke an easy out. Then decided to drill it. The hole is mangled. No chance...
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    For Sale - Used Pamco ignition with advance rod,bushings,etc

    Does it have the super small locating pin?
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    For Sale - 7 Wire TCI & Other 1982 Stock Bits

    All off a 1982 Heritage Special 7 Wire TCI Assorted Electrical Relays KickStand Switch Safety Relay Junked Harness 2 Stock Airboxes Sissy Bar that could use some TLC Let me know!
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    For Sale - 1982 Heritage Special Stock Bits

    I am pulling the wiring out entirely. Make offers and I will send it out quick. I am looking for a complete pamco system( I had stock TCI and want to upgrade). Here is what I have: Stock Tailight assembly 6-Wire TCI box(yellow sticker) Stock Airboxes Reserve Lighting...
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    For Sale - 6-WIRE TCI

    1 for sale in decent shape. opened it up and did not see any bad connections or blown components. Make offer. I am looking for a master cylinder to fit a 1982 Heritage Special stock bars.
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    For Sale - TCI Box 6 & 7 Wire

    TCI Box 6 & 7 Wire I have a 6 wire only. I did open it up and inspect them (they both look to be good) no blown components or broken solder joints. I am switching to a pamco and need to get rid of them. Make me an offer. -Evan
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    Where to start?

    Ok. So oil is all changed. With plugs grounded and Battery charged correctly. I still have no spark. Anyone point me in the direction of the best procedure to start working through the ignition system. All stock currently.
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    Where to start?

    Oh! Cool. It was actually your kickstand tip! Something so simple I never would have got.
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    Where to start?

    Ok. I got the starter to engage. Now to figure out if it is fuel or spark Im missing.
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    Where to start?

    Thanks guys! I will be working through the system tomorrow. I just want to get it sorted out and running before I sink money into brakes and tires.
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    Where to start?

    Hey guys, So I got my first bike for the right price. 1982 XS650S -Heritage Special. She is rough to say the least. Here is what I do know: Engine Free new battery gas tank clean The starter motor does not engage when I push the button(battery is good). Waiting on a kick...