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  1. grizld1

    Hagon 2810 shocks

    I recently bought a pair of Hagon 2810 shocks, 240 mm. eye-to-eye, through Bella Corse Racing. The good: Hagon asked all the right questions before filling the order: rider weight with gear, bike weight, and conditions of use. I asked them to get as close as possible to a spring selection that...
  2. grizld1

    Offline for awhile

    My Internet service failed Thursday night, and Frontier Communications may not have it back up till 7/9. Great service, standards, huh? (And no, they're not blaming it on a region-wide mess). I'm posting this from a Wi-Fi hot spot at a local cafe, but won't be posting again until my own service...
  3. grizld1

    Ozarks Rally

    Heads up, y'all! On June 15 and 16 the Yamaha 650 Society is hosting its third annual Ozarks rally at the Ozark Folk Center, Mountain View, Arkansas. This is a riding rally, but those arriving with troubled machines will not be mocked and reviled XSively while assistance is attempted. Roads are...
  4. grizld1

    Broview LED headlight--thanks, gggGary!

    Gary, I appreciate your recommendation on the Broview LED headlight bulb! I bought a pair from Amazon and installed one, and I'm very happy with it. You're right, cutting an extra hole in the back of the shell is the thing to do; even if you could find a shell deep enough to accommodate the...