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  1. Paul Sutton

    Virago XV1000 Carburetor Tuning.

    The stock exhaust system has rusted out on the inside so I have bought a Black Widow replacement. All is well except the rear cylinder is on the lean side, not excessively, but the insulator on the BP7ES plug remains perfectly white with no sign of blistering. Although I was able to dial in the...
  2. Paul Sutton

    Yamaha Virago XV750 XV1000 XV1100 Clutch Cover

    I want to remove the large shiny cap from an XV750 clutch cover to replace that missing from an XV1000. Does anyone know how to remove this large shiny cap? I could just swap the whole cover except my cover has better chrome work than the one in the photo. Thank you for any help, it must be...
  3. Paul Sutton

    Electrical Connectors for Alternator to Rectifier

    On my Virago I used a white plastic 6.3mm 3-way spade connector to connect the AC to the rectifier/regulator. This connector is the same design as those used on the XS Specials for the Rectifier/Regulator and TCI Ignitor. On checking today I found the connector has melted. I had noticed the...
  4. Paul Sutton

    Voltage Spikes

    Has anyone had experience with TVS(Transient Voltage Suppression) Diodes for protecting circuitry from spikes? The following excerpt comes from : A TVS diode is a p-n device...
  5. Paul Sutton

    Permanent Magnet Alternators - PMA

    I have recently been working on a Virago with a PMA and stock regulator (thyristor type shunt). I noticed a lot of heat generated at the regulator so have spent considerable time searching for explanations... I have learnt the following which may come as a surprise to some: A PMA essentially...
  6. Paul Sutton

    Rocker Arm Shaft

    This week I have been working on an engine with only 2064 genuine miles on it. Unfortunately the valve faces have deteriorated over the last 32 years in storage so I need to re-lap the valves and replace the valve stem seals. The shafts were very very tight and a slide hammer would not touch...
  7. Paul Sutton

    Fender Preservation Coating

    I have a fender with pretty good chrome. However, the underside is covered in rust. The rust is easy to remove but then what do I do? What coatings are currently being used on the underside to prevent further rusting and to withstand the impact of grit? Thank you for any suggestions Guys.
  8. Paul Sutton

    Contamination or Oil on Alternator Brushes

    I have made several comments regarding low voltage from my alternator in the following thread (See mainly Page 2 of thread): The situation is that the voltage output from my alternator is low and the observation is...
  9. Paul Sutton

    Rewinding or Replacing the Alternator Rotor in the UK

    Two years ago my rotor was at 4.5 Ohms. Last week when I checked the resistance had dropped to 3.8 Ohms. I know of a place in the UK where they rewind rotors and stators. They usually have the XS650 points and electronic ignition version rotors rewound and ready on the shelf to exchange. The...
  10. Paul Sutton

    Hard to Start Hot Engine XS650SH

    I wonder if some one can point me in the right direction. My SH starts easily from cold using the choke on the 1st stop (BS34) and throttle fully closed, even at 0 Celsius. Usually only takes 2 or 3 kicks maximum. The bike pulls well through all gears without any missing or splutter and no...
  11. Paul Sutton

    Octane Value for UK United Kingdom Riders

    Is the Unleaded 95 RON the correct fuel for us to use in the UK? I suspect the Octane Value of Unleaded 95 is slightly higher than what is recommended in the old user manuals. My US user manual says to use Regular Gasoline which I think was 87 in the US. In the UK we use RON method for octane...
  12. Paul Sutton

    Valve Spring Shim - Bottom Valve Spring Seat

    I have looked and looked and cannot find any references to the correct valve spring shim orientation. The shims fitted in my SH have two different surface profiles. On one side the shim is perfectly flat with sharp outer edges, the other surface is rounded on the edges. Which of these surfaces...
  13. Paul Sutton

    Engine Valves not Rotating

    I have just finished reinstalling the engine in my SH following a +50 rebore. After 20 miles I checked the valve stem ends and the left side valves are not rotating. This is shown by a single scuff on the stem end rather than a circular pattern. The old pistons have no dents or marks from...
  14. Paul Sutton

    Cylinder Bore Slightly Rusted

    I have my engine (14000 miles) apart and reground the valves by hand today. The valves/guides/springs are in specification. I noticed one cylinder has a light rust coating about 3 cm from the top, presumably where the pistons were left during their many years of storage. The rust layer is very...
  15. Paul Sutton

    Valve Stems and Guides - Lubrication

    When reassembling the valves should I lubricate the stems/guides? I believe the answers is Yes based on the few threads I found. What lubricant should I use? Is engine oil (20/W50) alright to use or should I uses a fine oil like Singer sewing machine oil? I believe greases should not be used...
  16. Paul Sutton

    Rocker Cover Anodized - Anodised

    My 81 SH has a rocker cover which is black on the inside and outside - The outside is badly faded on one side. I have tested with paint stripper and the black does not come off. Were these anodized? Will I be able to spray directly onto this cover with a high temperature silver or black paint...
  17. Paul Sutton

    UK Members - Sealants for Head Gaskets

    I need a sealant that can be used around the timing chain area and the studs to prevent oil leaks when I put my head gasket back on (also for the valve cover, although blue Hylomar works OK here). I could not find Yamabond locally so just need a recommendation of what is available in the UK...
  18. Paul Sutton

    Spark Plug Colour - Spark Plug Color

    In my attempts to read spark plugs I stumbled across the following Forum article which seems quite easy reading and well illustrated: Perhaps this may benefit some??
  19. Paul Sutton

    Front Disk Rotor - Embedded Particles?

    I have been having trouble with my front brakes constantly squeaking. This noise only goes away when the brakes are applied heavily or lightly. Decided to take the caliper off and have yet another close look. I was surprised to see that the pads are not wearing smoothly, in fact they are being...
  20. Paul Sutton

    Tapered Bearings - Brake Judder

    I have just recently fitted tapered steering bearings and did remember to file in the grooves for future removal. I road tested the bike yesterday and all seemed fine. However, today the front brake has started to judder. Is this simply an issue of tightening the bearings a little further...