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  1. 1980 Special Twin

    Audio recording of XS doesn't reveal what I expected

    So I make industrial techno music using motorcycle samples. I've been meaning to post them and will soon. I use different bikes and have used the XS in the past, but I was excited to finally make some quality recordings of my 1980 xs650 with shorty mufflers. I don't believe it has been re-phased...
  2. 1980 Special Twin

    Quick question about brake light bulbs

    I have some electrical issues that I think could be remedied with an LED tail and brake light. But I like my setup and it would be very complicated for me to swap. Do they make brake and tail light bulbs that plug into normal fittings? Like how LED replacement bulbs go in regular sockets? I've...
  3. 1980 Special Twin

    Wanna see some dumb stuff i did to my xs?

    Took my bike out of town for the first time since it got totalled and i rebuilt it in style. It ran like a champ! I needed a sissy bar for luggage, and the prototype I designed and used for welding practice had to do. Boy was it terrible! Way too tall and it bounced! It held up until the very...
  4. 1980 Special Twin

    Best way to kill an xs?

    I'm sure there will be some who would say "chop it" but i think those of us who went that route know what we were getting into. Mine is chopped and just about at the phase where I'm planning to take it on longer rides out of town. So what are the bonehead mechanical mistakes that are easy to...
  5. 1980 Special Twin

    $9,000 craigslist chopper

    This is a bike I saw on Craigslist a while ago. I didn't take a picture of exactly what upgrades it has, but supposedly has the best upgrades installed and tuned correctly. Still, I never expected to see an excess Chopper go for this much. It looked like someone was trying to flip it. It sat on...
  6. 1980 Special Twin

    Rabbit eared midrange syndrome

    I'm not completely done troubleshooting, but I'm starting to suspect that the issues I've been having with a reluctant mid-range might have less to do with jetting and tuning and more to do with the physical dynamics of rabbit ear handlebars. I love these handlebars. Not just how they look, but...
  7. 1980 Special Twin

    Spark plug inspection

    I'm tuning my carbs and re-jetting (pipes and pods, other funny business), it might be a bit of a rolling project for awhile. Is it necessary to use brand new spark plugs for a visual inspection or does it suffice to clean them?
  8. 1980 Special Twin

    Advanced advance questions

    I've become intimately familiar with the advance over the past few months as my old one crapped out into shards of metal and the process of replacing and timing a new one overlapped with jetting and tuning in an annoying way. I have and use a timing light, although I have no tachometer so I...
  9. 1980 Special Twin


    I stored my 1980 650 chopper in an unheated shack during a cold pennsylvania winter. It was ripping when parked, although the carbs weren't sync'd with a manometer and the jets were 2 up and probably need 3 up (short exhaust and pods). I did a couple weeks worth of touch up, mostly cleaning...
  10. 1980 Special Twin

    Introducing myself, and thank you!

    Hey fellas, My first bike was a 1980 XS650 about 8 years ago. I took it on tour stock (I play violin in a punk/ metal/ classical appalachian style) around Asheville, New York and in between, and then bought a Honda Deauville (It's like the Pacific Coast in the USA) and toured all over Europe in...