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  1. BluzPlayer

    Young boy vs Xs650

    Nice to see you continuing the updates on your bike. Also LOVE seeing the pics of the events you share with us. Looks like a good crowd and a fun time. The view of the valley below in the one picture is breathtaking. Thanks for posting.
  2. BluzPlayer

    Let's See The XS's

  3. BluzPlayer

    Looking for a mentor in the Cincinnati area

    Welcome to the forum! You have come to the best place there is for all things xs650. There are people hear that know more about these bikes than those that built them. Please feel free to share pics of your bike. Some of our eagle eyed members can spot issues you are unaware of from photos as...
  4. BluzPlayer

    Let's See The XS's

    Crazy build for sure. Thinking the carbs in the lead engine sucking down the heatwave off of the exhaust inches away isn't ideal. With all that effort one would think they would have swiveled the head 180* to give it some fresh ram cooler air induction. Interesting nonetheless...
  5. BluzPlayer

    Let's See The XS's

    1600 v8 Mmm Mmm Mmm
  6. BluzPlayer

    Interesting Posts Today

    and on and on... Unfortunate.
  7. BluzPlayer

    What the Heck Is It ?

    Come on guys... Harder because the paint is worn off. It's Kansas City fan's game helmet... Green Bay has Cheeseheads... That's an Arrowhead. :doh:
  8. BluzPlayer

    2023 XS650 Calendar - Nominations

    My last nomination... Because of his health issues I am not sure that his build will be reassembled in time for the calendar. I'm not even certain what the absolute cut off date for absolute completion is. His build is documented in numerous different threads, each addressing whatever task he...
  9. BluzPlayer

    2023 XS650 Calendar - Nominations

    My fourth nomination is for @1978 Tracker 's 1978 Tracker. Not a build thread but our new member introduced his bike here. It's a clean bike with nice lines.
  10. BluzPlayer

    2023 XS650 Calendar - Nominations

    My third nomination... After conferring with @The Old Cult to be certain that build has been completed I will also be nominating his Dragonball build from earlier this year. That build is introduced here. The attached picture is not of the completed bike. The Old Cult relayed to me that he will...
  11. BluzPlayer

    2023 XS650 Calendar - Nominations

    My second nomination is a build from 2021 by @The Old Cult. His build is introduced here. Amazing build and craftsmanship.
  12. BluzPlayer

    2023 XS650 Calendar - Nominations

    There are a few bikes nominated already that I would have nominated myself. To broaden the field I will be nominating bikes not yet recognized. If I mistakenly duplicate a nomination so be it. My first nomination will be... @DogBunny 's 1973 Rustbucket. Perhaps a survivor.. But it is really...
  13. BluzPlayer

    Beach cruiser build

    I like that bike.... You knocked the Knockoff outa the park. Glad to see you are getting it dialed in.
  14. BluzPlayer

    Shift shaft chain guard

    VEEERRRY Interesting indeed. I stuck around for all 10 paragraphs. :cool:
  15. BluzPlayer

    Those Craaaazy Sidecars...

    I've seen some sidecars here. Member @magoo66 has a thread of his rebuild. Occasionally there are some interesting sidecars pop up in the Interesting Bikes not xs650 thread. Much like those wild and crazy artists building trikes in @gggGary 's epic thread.... There are some outside the box...
  16. BluzPlayer

    VJMC Show

    Awesome. I want the siren on that CB450 for my horn. Nice builds. Great collection.