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  1. Tinker Taylor

    So what do I have here ?

    I would say that era of technology is pretty old, and very interesting. I can't guess it. 'TT'
  2. Tinker Taylor

    Whats your weather right now?

    And I remember "The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain" with Audrey Hepburn. Some tough stuff is coming up the next few days all around that Greenwich Meridian Zone. AC sales ought to climb. You all stay cool over there. 'TT'
  3. Tinker Taylor

    Just Ride.

    I have been up close to one of those home-built racers and I came away impressed, to say the least. Enjoy the race and the day, and good luck! 'TT'
  4. Tinker Taylor

    Right now I'm listening to...

    Good rhythms and vibes from a bygone era. 'TT'
  5. Tinker Taylor

    Windscreen advice

    @Boog might give you some good ideas. 'TT'
  6. Tinker Taylor

    Almost finished.... This has been an incredible experience!!!

    Good job on the makeover! 'TT'
  7. Tinker Taylor

    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    I've been watching this ad down south in Georgia for about a month, running at $2500. A cool machine. I think I will just have a coke! 'TT'
  8. Tinker Taylor

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Beautiful job on hiding the headlight. Two jaw-droppers you have now shared. How many completes are hiding, and how many incompletes are being built, I would love to know! 'TT'
  9. Tinker Taylor

    Vintage style bobber build

    I will second this vote! The bike has a true spirit of creativity and design. I am sure it represents exactly what you had hoped. 'TT'
  10. Tinker Taylor

    Urban Bobcat in my backyard

    It only takes about 3 minutes to enjoy this show of quickness, happiness, and burp.... 'TT'
  11. Tinker Taylor

    Some of you need to get out more

    You are right! I need to get out more often. 'TT'
  12. Tinker Taylor

    Just sold my 1970 XS1

    Someone got themselves a beautiful bike. Have you stopped crying yet? 'TT'
  13. Tinker Taylor

    First Post by a Long-Time Member

    Welcome. You are lucky Iowa is flat. These hills here in Tennessee preclude the use of non-motorized wheels, unless its coasting downhill. 'TT'
  14. Tinker Taylor

    Starter gear box bolts. First post.

    I have an '80 Special II and I would love to see some pics as well, even if it is all parts! 'TT'
  15. Tinker Taylor

    Right now I'm listening to...

    This one came out in the mid to late '80's. I was impressed by Richie Havens when he sang 'Freedom' at Woodstock 20 years earlier. I was doubly impressed when Tracy came out with this one. 'TT'
  16. Tinker Taylor

    Unknowns When Riding Known Roads

    About 11 days ago this one was reported in Colorado. Not too many of these, from all I hear. 'TT'
  17. Tinker Taylor

    $9,000 craigslist chopper

    But it didn't appeal to the owner, so he wants to recoup his lost time and sell it top dollar. That, or he wants his name spread word of mouth around his hometown so he can gloat in false pride whenever someone says, "Hey I saw that bike you built...amazing!" (hint). As he then just wags his...
  18. Tinker Taylor

    Simplifying factory harness

    Not sure if the 80 had a safety relay on the kickstand. If so, that can be bypassed. 'TT'
  19. Tinker Taylor

    I put a hardtail on my bike and I am really happy with it

    I like it. What is your seat height now? 'TT'
  20. Tinker Taylor

    Video -- of me repairing a broken engine case cover

    I first read the comments, and said what the heck, and watched the video, and I am very glad I did. In fact, there is more where this one came from, and I happen to be fond of the old 'rust bucket' and learn a bit more. Thanks for the video @DogBunny. 'TT'