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  1. Oldfartaussie

    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    My dad had an a 1953 Ariel square four he bought new with windscreen and sidecar fitted. Some of my earliest memories are riding in that sidecar, he would take his seven children to school in two trips. Got me and my three brothers hooked on bikes.
  2. Oldfartaussie

    1970 XS1 Ready for sale

    Awesome bike. I'm on my way🤔
  3. Oldfartaussie

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Fitted a 32 tooth rear sprocket in place of the 34 tooth original. Definitely smoother/ lower revs at highway speeds and I can easily spread it out through the gears or change gear as usual while keeping the revs down in traffic.
  4. Oldfartaussie

    Whats your weather right now?

    It was 9 Celsius at 5am when I rode to work, now at 7am it's 12 Celsius and normal humidity of 97 with a max of 22 Celsius today. That's winter here.
  5. Oldfartaussie

    Whats your weather right now?

    Antarctic blast here, 9 degrees Celsius overnight and 19 Max today. Need to use the choke at 5am but once running it goes well. Can't imagine not being able to ride all year round.
  6. Oldfartaussie

    How Would You Fix This?

    Reversing light to deter rear wheel hugging cages?
  7. Oldfartaussie

    Head removal with engine in frame

    Any sheave block will make it a lot easier to lift the engine, I just use the hitchmaster bolted to the top mount as a simple way to connect the lifting gear to the engine. I find it lifts it at the perfect angle bolted to the engine slightly past perpendicular and needs minimal wrestling...
  8. Oldfartaussie

    Petrol prices

    Went onto reserve riding home from work yesterday and stopped at the local to get fuel. After filling the tank I glanced at the bowser-$33 for 13.5 litres . Once I got off the ground I went and paid for the liquid gold and rode sedately home.
  9. Oldfartaussie

    Cam Seal Leaking... still

    I was often replacing the seals with the original 7mm triple lip ones until reading the posts here about the 5mm seals. Now I use the 5mm seals and they are a lot less expensive than the oem seals from the local bearing and seal supply store. I give the cam a light clean with scotchbrite and...
  10. Oldfartaussie

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Installed a starter motor I got on ebay after disassembling my starter twice to solve the loud grinding noise it was making even when removed from the engine. The new starter works fine but the starter gear was not engaging so I ordered a new starter gear kit because last time I retensioned the...
  11. Oldfartaussie

    Sad news today

    Sorry for your loss Ray, I feel your pain for the senseless waste of life. Just last week the brother of a young co-worker was belted in the head with a hammer in a road rage incident. Thankfully he survived but will be disfigured for life. Unfortunately abusive behaviour is the norm on the road...
  12. Oldfartaussie

    Brake bits

    I recently replaced the three original front brake hoses on my 78 special with braided lines and the splitter had three copper washers on it. The braided lines came with new banjo bolts and washers with one on the bolt at the head then a hose and washer and the other hose and washer then onto...
  13. Oldfartaussie

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Made a dummy spark plug with a hose clamp, 2 aligator clips and a length of 12g wire following tips on here. I clamped the wire to the plug base and the alligator clip on the other end onto the cylinder fins and as insurance against ruining the coil I clamped the spark plug to the fins with the...
  14. Oldfartaussie

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Well done Dunc, it's a lot of work but you'll be on the road in no time. I just installed a new crankshaft and the shop said they had never seen a crank with so much play in the original.
  15. Oldfartaussie

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Awesome, thanks 5twins, I will check the carbs to lean them out a touch. I have the needles on the middle notch and haven't checked the air screws for a while.
  16. Oldfartaussie


    40 yrs ago I used Welch plug to cap the hole on the tx with some stag on the outer edge and it worked well. Didn't know about the weakened starter gear clip back then .
  17. Oldfartaussie

    What have you done to your XS today?

    I have the valves set at 003 and 006 after reading tips here from 5twins and others. Maybe I should open up the intake back to 004. I have the boyer micro ignition set slightly retarded, was thinking of advancing it a touch but glad I checked the plugs.
  18. Oldfartaussie

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Thanks Marty, I did try that after the rebuild because oil starvation was one of the causes of the wear on the piston skirts but I had oil everywhere. Also tried gggGary's idea and had plenty of oil leaking there so I don't think the white plug is from overheating, although if it is an air leak...
  19. Oldfartaussie

    What have you done to your XS today?

    There is some popping on start up from the right cylinder that was not there before I rebuilt the engine and I thought maybe I've got an air leak around the vm34 manifold but I tried spraying it with carb cleaner with no effect. Before I replaced the cylinders and head the right plug was often...
  20. Oldfartaussie

    Whats your weather right now?

    Sunrise at work. 25 degrees celcius .