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    For Sale - XS gas tank w/cap key petcocks

    Very solid, basically all paint prepped by a PO and filled in with bondo, one small dime sized dent to fix. Tunnel is very clean and rust free. Needs acid etch and coating internally due to normal surface rust. Key included, cap/ lock works great but a new rubber gasket will be required. Both...
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    For Sale - Maier cafe racer fairing

    Nice condition, for 7" headlight. Black with dark purple windshield. Includes L shaped mounting brackets. $65 plus actual shipping US only.
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    For Sale - (3) pairs '73 stock headers

    All rock solid. Removed from several builds over past few years since i fab performance exhausts... $75/ pair plus actual shipping US only. Could work a trade for 2 into 1 header.
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    Wanted - 2 into 1 exhaust header

    Looking for a Mac style header with 1.5" pipes and 2" outlet.
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    Wanted - Decent 34mm fork tubes

    Need to replace some pitted tubes for current build. To buy or trade- i have a nice XS-2 front wheel available, an XS-1 swingarm, a couple '73 compression release valve inspection covers, vintage regs and recs, etc...
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    Boardtracker-ish build

    Or boardtracker influenced... This will likely be the last XS I'll do. Used up my supply of old Yamahas. Objective is to make it as light as possible. Using MX wheels- the knobbies are being swapped for new dual sport rubber. It'll get a low tractor style solo seat above forward slanted rear...
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    For Sale - XS-1 Swingarm unit

    Good condition with bolt, brake stay and chain adjusters. $50 + actual shipping. Free pickup near Ithaca NY. I take PayPal.
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    For Sale - XS-2 Front Wheel, complete VGC

    I believe this is the earliest front wheel version. Please correct me if wrong. (Note: was incorrect, title changed above). Good for restoration project. Great shape, cleaned, decent chrome, true no dents or loose spokes, with rotor, axle and speedo drive. Tire good at 60% tread. $50 + actual...
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    Flatslides and lurching deceleration

    Here's a can of worms... hard to search for this very specific topic. I'm using a TM34 on my latest XS build ( see "Hodaka tank") in combination with a custom 1 into 2 manifold. Absolutely rips from idle to WOT, but in certain coast down closed throttle decel situations under 30mph with little...
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    Hodaka tank cafe build

    May as well document the resurrection of another XS. Started with a '71 frame with a lot of surface rust. After de-tabbing etc... had it blasted with aluminum oxide to save hours of prep work. Scored a decent Hodaka tank last year at local bike salvage. Welded new tabs for rubber mounting to...
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    7 wire Chinese regulator Q

    Doing another XS cafe build with a Hodaka tank. '73 modded motor kick only with stock stator/rotor and points. Found a wiring diagram on xs650chopper for a 7 wire reg/rec, but not sure if the white wire on this new Chinese unit is comparable to brown on others... if so this should be a direct...
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    Total loss Li-ion project

    Wanna ditch your charging system entirely? No heavy rotor, no stator, no reg/rec, no capacitor. Faster motor spin up, more power, less heat, less complexity. 2nd generation testing going well so far with final version to follow. Without divulging all details, it's a 20V 16AH setup with a DC...
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    For Sale - '72 Titled Frame, 3 motors

    frame has open transferable registration, NY does not issue Titles for bikes older than '73. somewhat torn about parting with it, much happier to do so if you buy a couple motors too. $375 (1) '73 TX650 motor tested running skips out of 3rd $350 (1) '73 TX650 motor not tested turns over...
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    For Sale - XS1 complete swingarm, vintage reg/rec lot, alts, starters...

    rare XS1 complete swingarm $80 + actual shipping stock stators/rotors reasonable offers (3) good starter motors $30 ea + shipping lot of (12) total vintage regulators and safety relays $100 free shipping lot vintage steering dampers $40 free shipping boxfull of (11) nice misc. tail...
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    2 into 1 exhaust build

    this is actually for a rare and related '83 GR650 but the process is identical. similar to a 2 into 1 setup i built for my TX500, and one of the trickier weld/fab projects you can take on. i start by making a pair of stubs about 3" long that must mate perfectly with the cylinder head, exhaust...
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    Electrical sub assembly w/custom Li-ion battery

    this is actually for a rare GR650 that i'm finishing up but may be of interest. it's usually tricky to hang electric components on any custom build with a total rewire. no easy place to hide the battery this time so may as well flaunt it. my stepson tacked this together out of free used laptop...
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    Certifiably insane asking prices

    i'm usually a live and let live guy, but unless it's a typo with an extra zero, some pompous douche has an XS on ebay as we speak for $14,500. WTF? it does not appear to be powdercoated with 24K gold... 6 and 7 grand asking prices are also not uncommon. good luck. it's like pulling teeth to...
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    valve shim case hard thickness

    finishing up the top end work on my related '83 GR650 (cousin to XS) with shim and bucket valve adjusters. anyone have experience as to the thickness of the case hard layer on bike shims in general, or whether they are through hardened? after the valve work, i'm considering "lapping" .0005"-...
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    Valve modification

    doing some headwork... after lapping a valve in, is there any good reason not to grind the diameter of a valve down to close to the edge of the gray zone to increase margin thickness and put a bit of radius on the edges? this would improve flow, but not sure whether it's a good idea...
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    For Sale - '72 XS/TX 650 CAFE BIKE w/RD400 tank. turnkey, tuned perfectly.

    '72 Yamaha XS650 (TX) cafe racer with nice original paint RD400 gas tank. loud, quick, handles perfectly, needs nothing. turns heads everywhere. on road now. i'm located south of Ithaca, NY. NY does not issue Titles for bikes older than '73, so this one has a clean transferable...