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    Tire Recommendation (4 to choose from)

    I bought a 81 bobber earlier this year that didn't run. I've been working on getting it running and it's almost ready to ride. It come with Wild Flare tires on it, but they're from 2007, so I'm not going to trust that on my first ride out, so I'm in need of new tires. I'm definitely...
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    Metal in oil filter

    What would you do if you saw this? This is the first time getting my 81 started, but after changing the oil filter and listening to the motor (the best I could over the straight pipes) it sounds pretty sloppy. Thinking a rebuild/refresh is in order. Thoughts?
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    Oil Change - Drain Plug

    Ok, super stupid question here. I went to drain my oil but couldn't get either plug to budge. Before I screw anything up, thought I better confirm that the threads are normal and not reverse threads. Someone please confirm that for the drain plugs, right to tight, left to loosen. Or better...
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    My 81 “Build” Thread

    I got things a little out of order with how I started my posts here on the site. Instead of introducing myself, I just jumped right in with some questions. This post is an attempt to correct that oversight and to start to document my journey. Introduction: my name is Brian and I recently...
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    81 xs650 starter

    Okay I'll admit this is my first bike and I didn't fully read the manual but I did buy one off of eBay for $12. Testing the starter with a direct 12 volts to the positive terminal, it did not engage. So thought I would remove the starter and this is the result... WTF I DID NOT EXPECT THE...
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    Missouri Title via Declaratory Judgement

    I know I shouldn't have but I bought a bike without a title - the deal was just TOO good to pass up. DMV has told me the only way to title the bike is to get a declaratory judgement indicating I'm the legal owner of the bike, and that a notarized bill of sale is not enough. Called the local...
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    Missing gas cap

    Bought a non-running 81 XS650 but with no gas cap. Most of what I found to buy online screws into the neck. This neck is all smooth. What do I need here?
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    What ignition system do I have?

    Here's my story... never owned a bike and know nothing about them mechanically, but I'm pretty good with muscle cars so I know how to bust a knuckle wrenching and pretty decent with troubleshooting. Anyway, came across this 81 XS650 for cheap that I couldn't pass up. The problem - it doesn't run...