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  1. mrtwowheel

    Surprise, Panic and Reflex from an Electric Starter

    This happened to my '90 Ford Ranger, but, I believe it could happen with any electric starter system. I was at my second home, McDonald's, when I went to start my truck. Something didn't sound right, so I turned off the ignition. Surprise, the starter is still cranking the engine. I pulled the...
  2. mrtwowheel

    Can You Wheelie?

    Gary recently mentioned wheelies in a thread and got me thinking. My best friend could wheelie his 20" bicycle the full length of his driveway and more. I always wanted to do this too but it never happened. About '74 our county fair had a show of RD riders that could do wheelies farther than one...
  3. mrtwowheel

    Tombstone Tail Light Mounting

    I am set on using a tombstone tail light on my TC Bros flat fender. The tapped mounting holes are at a goofy angle in relation to the fender. I realize that these tail lights are meant to be used with Harley's base but I see them on aftermarket fenders without the Harley base. Many that I've...
  4. mrtwowheel

    Pre Bent Tubing Source Wanted

    I'd like to find a source for 5/8" OD and other size nicely formed thin wall tubing elbows, 90* and maybe other angles that I could weld to other steel parts. I have found 3/4" stainless sanitary fittings on ebay at a good price, but no other sizes that I would use. Any help guys? I've spent a...
  5. mrtwowheel

    Mount Dual Piston Caliper Behind Fork

    This is what I wanted to do on my '74 TX650A. I wanted to swap the forks side to side, put the axle in backwards, change the hardware around so that the caliper can be mounted behind the right fork. I saw no problems with doing this. A banjo bolt would even work to replace the steel line and...
  6. mrtwowheel

    Legalities Of Keeping VIN Stickers

    My situation, I have title in hand, 44 year old lien from a closed bank on the title, I see no problems here. OK, those crusty old VIN/date of manufacture stickers...….I always thought that those were unnecessary and could be discarded. My plan was to take some good pictures of the sticker and...
  7. mrtwowheel

    Need Crimpers? 55% off, 5 die sets—emarsys&utm_content=linux&sc_src=email_3019867&sc_eh=1595da17280386761&sc_llid=470200&...
  8. mrtwowheel

    Wanted - '73-'75 Rusty Complete Front Fender With Brace & Stays

    Wanted, complete front fender with brace and stays. Rust is OK, expecting to paint or powder coat. Scott
  9. mrtwowheel

    Goodbye to Castrol GTX 10W40?

    I'm not 100% sure about this, but it looks like Castrol has discontinued the GTX 10W40. It has always been spared the friction modifiers because it was considered "motorcycle oil". The last few times that I have gone looking for it, it's getting harder to find. I suspect with Castrol's...
  10. mrtwowheel

    Wanted - Deleted

    Post deleted, just bought All Balls 57-163 at Amazon for $12.xx, free shipping. Scott
  11. mrtwowheel

    For Sale - Used rotor for sale Not mine, I don't need one, good price, could be a good gamble for someone. I will not be checking back to this thread. Scott
  12. mrtwowheel

    Positive Rectifier To Battery Wire, Fused Or Not?

    Looking at wiring diagrams I see the positive wire from the rectifier connected in two different ways. One way is to connect at the battery side of the 20 amp fuse (between battery and fuse). The other way is to connect on the ignition switch side of the fuse (between fuse and ignition switch)...
  13. mrtwowheel

    '75 XS For Sale Craigslist for sale, $1,500. Not mine, and I'm not interested. Scott
  14. mrtwowheel

    Exide 14L-A2, 12N14-3A

    Keep reading, I'm not asking which battery to use, I'm going a bit further than that. I went battery shopping. Not really shopping, because I knew which battery I was going to buy and how much I was going to pay for it. I went to Rural King to get my Exide "14L-A2 replaces 12N14-3A". I noticed...
  15. mrtwowheel

    Alternator Brush Wiring Question

    I am wiring the Fiat regulator and an ebay rectifier to a Honda DOHC alternator. These alternators are the same as late model XS650's. I've been through many threads here and this is what I'm stumped on. One brush is wired to the green wire coming from the regulator. WHAT IS THE OTHER BRUSH...
  16. mrtwowheel

    The Ride You Haven't Made Yet

    The wife's been real understanding over the 30+ years of me taking off on the bikes for one or two weeks at a time. I've been from Michigan to the Carolina's, through the mountains, sat on Forest Gump's bench in Georgia. I've followed the Ohio river from Cincinnati to the east, I've done that...
  17. mrtwowheel

    Brake Lever Mystery

    What is the purpose for this stand-off thingy on my brake lever? I just got new brake and clutch levers from 650 Central, can't figure out the purpose of this post thingy. All that I can think of is, it might be for a possible brake light switch for the M/C that I'm not aware of. Oh, '74...
  18. mrtwowheel

    Malware at the top of forum page

    Don't know if this problem is on your side or mine, but there is a New Message Available in the advertising space that my system considers Virus Malware. I sure won't click on it again, still not sure if any damage was done. Scott
  19. mrtwowheel

    Wanted - Full Rear Fender For Bobber W/ 18" Wheel

    Interested in rear fenders that will work with 18" wheel and stock size tire, maybe around 5" wide. I may be interested in any fender, open minded for now. Chrome, bare, painted, etc. What have you got, how much do you want? Scott
  20. mrtwowheel

    Ngk red cap source needed, under $5

    I've spent a lot of time searching for red NGK caps. Here's what I've found, in the UK they can be found left and right at a good price, black cost more there. None at all to be found from Canadian sources on Canada's ebay. In the USA the red caps are non-existent, or $20 to infinity each with...