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    Jetted bad enough to stall in five minutes??

    My 76-77 carb set is jetted incorrectly - me and the previous owner had it jetted for the later set: currently 27.5 pilots and 140 mains. I have other jets on order to align w my pods and pipes - two into one w baffles. Is this jetting far enough off to explain why the bike is essentially...
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    Will a bike stall if lean?

    First off, I know that that the bike is running lean - and I’m working on that. But I just want to confirm that a sign of leanness is it running quite rough after it’s warmed up. Lurching. And it seems to continue to degrade to the point where it will just stall out at a stop even when the idle...
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    Choke - no high idle

    Since sorting out a grounding issue and increasing the pilots (35) in my BS38s, the bike overall runs very well, but it doesn’t jump to high idle when choked. The choke seems to be enriching, but previously the idle would rise significantly. So now it requires me to coax it with throttle or...
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    Lean despite efforts

    There are many threads on this theme …. I’ve got pods and a two-into-one exhaust set up with baffles. I have 30 pilots and 140 mains. It runs lean, and despite the common advice to drop the needle one position I feel I need to raise at least one position to enrichen otherwise the mix screws...
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    I have a hardtail bobber with drag bars. Currently i have what look like original style cheap knockoffs. They look like big ears and don’t fit w the style. I’m seeking thoughts on something more compact yet functional? Thanks. T.
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    Coil early failure - why?

    Hi. I have a Mike’s dual output coil, The high energy version. It’s got no more than 10 hours on it and according to the multimeter it’s dead on the secondary side. As far as I know I didn’t tested ungrounded. Any thoughts on a reason why it might have had such a short life? I ask because I...
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    Float overflow hose size

    Can someone please confirm the correct hose size for the float overflow barbs. BS38. Seems whatever I get is too large or two small. Many thanks for this relatively simple question. Rainy here blah. T.
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    What’s this?

    Looks like a brake pivot but I can’t find one like this anywhere? Thanks!
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    Cam tensioner (again) copper damper

    Many words spilled on this topic but on still unsure. I have a ‘78 - the tensioner without the lock nut - did that one come with the copper damper? Some seemingly stock parts photos seem to show the unit without that damper. So not sure if i unthread it and find it absent, whether that’s...
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    H4 LED drop in compatibility w PMA/Pamco/regulators etc.

    So, I see the posts on this subject range over many years, and as pointed out the tech continues to evolve. I wasn’t able to fully understand/find explanation for the pros and cons so will try here: I am considering an H4 LED into a 6” after-market headshell. My hope is this would place a lower...
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    Wanted - Fork Brace 35mm ‘78 XS650

    Hi. Looking for a reasonably priced fork brace shipped to Victoria, BC. Thanks. Todd.
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    Unshave my fork? Is welding new tabs ok?

    Do I need to disassemble my forks if I were to tack some fender tabs? Is heat a concern? Note that it wasn’t me who removed all but the brake tabs. Thanks. T.
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    Tarozzi fork brace models: clarity between ‘76 and other years

    First off, yes, I have contacted the seller, but haven’t yet received a reply. So turning to the collective wisdom here to help clarify the difference between two Tarozzi braces and whether they are interchangeable. Fast from the Past shows a fork brace to fit a 1976 XS650 only, and a...
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    Ya Mama baffles and advice.

    Hi all, I’ve got a set of Ya Mama in the mail. I like that high side style. Based on my skant knowledge of exhaust systems, I think the added length should aid in the performance. However I’m seeking some advice on baffling for both performance (daily street riding) and quieting. Would a long...
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    Caliper very close to wheel.

    My bike came with a pair of tockia four-piston calipers. I believe that they were on the bike prior to it being dismantled. I don’t really know a lot about disc brakes on bikes. But I reinstalled one caliper. Bolted everything up and other than the pads dragging on the rotor, it seems correctly...
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    Caliber very close to wheel.

    My bike came with a pair of Tockia four-piston calipers. I believe that they were on the bike prior to it being dismantled. I don’t really know a lot about disc brakes on bikes. But I reinstalled one caliper. Bolted everything up. other than the pads dragging on the disc -the pads look new- it...
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    Second kick.

    I thought I’d better give it another go before I got too much further on with wiring and other steps toward roadworthiness. Scared the #+%&&@!*% out of the kitty.
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    Fuel line vs vent line

    Hi. I just got some of the flexible tygon line. It’s wee, I think likely for a small engine. Can is be used as fuel line? It’ll fit on the fuel outlet barbs and the inner diameter is not that much smaller than other line. Will it flow enough gas? Thanks. Todd.
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    Fuel line and filter placement

    I know there are many variations on the theme of fuel line routing here but I can’t quite see my set up in the various responses and pix: I guess this thing originally (‘78 Special/Canadian/BS34) was fed fuel via two petcocks. The fuel inlets are outboard on either side. I now have one petcock...
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    Exhaust and muffler advice

    My bike came with a new set of Pandemonium Double D pipes but I want something much quieter. I don’t see many pipe/muffler options that essentially follow the original layout. Do I need to buy pieces and have it welded up? Or buy old stock pipes and paint the chrome? Something more or less...