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  1. spacetiger110

    Valet Key?

    Hey guys, Yesterday, I decided to ride to work. I couldn't find the key I've always used (I assume the kids got ahold of it because it wasn't where I keep my keys or on my rolling stool or my toolbox). No big deal, grabbed my spare and headed out. I knew I needed gas, and I actually had to...
  2. spacetiger110

    '81 Tracker Build Electrical Issue PLEASE HELP

    I bought this tracker last year already built. I don't know how much of the wiring is stock. The turn signals have been removed, headlight changed to a larger one, and the tail light and license plate light are not stock. I am completely brain dead when it comes to electrical work. I just can...
  3. spacetiger110

    19" Wheel On Stock Rear Hub?

    I've been doing a bit of research into doing a 19" rear conversion as next year's winter project, and in a few threads on this and other forums regarding the Omar's kit I have seen comments saying 'just lace a 19" wheel to the stock hub'. Is it really that simple if I'm running spoked wheels? Is...
  4. spacetiger110

    Help with tach dissassembly

    The face on my tach has come loose. The tiny screws that hold it in place have come loose, and are still inside the tach assembly. I am able to remove the tach assembley from the housing, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the glass off so I can get in there and repair it. I...
  5. spacetiger110

    Yet another charging system thread

    Let me preface this thread by saying that I am electrically retarded. I could probably do a top end rebuild without a shop manual or Google or anything, but electrical work just baffles me. I just don't get it. I have a 1981 XS650 with the stock charging system. It's a tracker build, with turn...