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  1. willis

    New (to me) XS1B

    Check out the Mailman’s XS2 restoration thread. It’s quite thorough and a great source of documentation. Just reading his thread could give you great insight of what you are getting yourself into.
  2. willis

    Motor rebuild options

    Locally I’ve had quotes of about $100 per cylinder.
  3. willis

    New (to me) XS1B

    Oh yea, and be careful when buying some aftermarket parts. Ask before buying. There are some sub-par products out there to watch out for. In most cases OEM parts can still be obtained. The crew here will be happy to steer you down the right path.
  4. willis

    New (to me) XS1B

    Welcome, and congrats on a cool project. As you’ve found already, this community on the forum is quite active. More so than I’ve found on many other forums. Members here are generally eager to help and there is a VAST realm of knowledge amongst the members. You’ll find that a lot of times you...
  5. willis

    Sold / Found / Inactive - ‘75 gas tank

    Sorry, just saw this reply to the old post. I decided to keep it for the current project. I'll change the listing header.
  6. willis

    Is this worth 1500?

    I think the rag and spots are from the stuck float he mentioned. You can see the gas run down the side cover.
  7. willis

    Is this worth 1500?

    Just a shameless plug of what the 75 can look like. I switched the gauges to some older style and added a custom seat. Love the 75 paint scheme.
  8. willis

    Is this worth 1500?

    It looks complete and fairly decent shape. The '75 is a desirable year too. If it runs and has a clear title, it doesn't sound like a bad deal. What is your mechanical experience though? Are you familiar with carbs and points in a motorcycle? I'd be inclined to offer $1200, but I am not...
  9. willis

    Are you married? Can we talk?

    Send it out to WideAwake. He's done quite a number on his CB!
  10. willis

    Found a dual petcock tank that is in perfect condition. My current set up is single. Whats the best way to go about being able to use this tank?

    I may have a blockoff plate I can sell you. If you can measure the distance of your mounting points I can check tonight.
  11. willis

    Throttle housing switch

    That's about half of what most people have crammed in there... LOL That's a great headlight diagram Skull. Never seen that one before.
  12. willis

    Rear Sets

    Agree with Arctics comments. My opinion if you could relocate midway or just below the front stud would be much more comfortable. I had a set of OldSchoolSpeed rearsets in the past but the were too far back too. This set looks very similar. But yes the interference with kicker and brake pedal...
  13. willis

    The DOG/GOD thread.

    Love our dogs! We are on our second English Bulldog. We had Oscar for 8 years before cancer took him over and had to put him down. A gentle giant, was 77 lbs at his biggest which is huge for a bulldog. That dog was the epitome of lazy. We could let him outside and he would never stray more...
  14. willis

    Electronic Ignition for xs650

    I believe the Tytronic requires dual coils like the factory setup. Forum member BillyIcon did an install video that can be found on YouTube.
  15. willis

    Same dumb question, different motorcycle!

    Personally I dont like the 75 mufflers. They are HUGE. But mine are in good shape so I’m hanging on to them so that when I sell the bike I have the option to go back to original.
  16. willis

    Same dumb question, different motorcycle!

    One thing to keep in mind on those early xs baseball bat muffler, is that their inlet is the same diameter as the original xs headpipes. Not to say they cannot be made to fit, but they are not a direct bolt on replacement for the '75 pipes.. Also, the mufflers may impact your center stand more...
  17. willis

    STANDARD issue…. a resurrection begins….

    I’ve been avoiding todays task for a little while now. I’m no fan of wiring, so I’ve been gathering supplies and planning my diagram for a while now. With everything in place and diagram in hand, I spent the whole day patiently wiring. I started with a couple stock harnesses that I harvested...
  18. willis


    If they are NGK caps they should have lightly laser printed code on them in gold. Non resistors ar LZFH. Resistor type are LB05F
  19. willis

    Let's See The XS's

    June 2021 calendar
  20. willis

    Let's See The XS's

    Is that at the Springfield TT races? I love watching those.