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  1. Raymond

    Can someone ID this shock ?

    I fitted a pair of YSS RE302-320-09 shocks on my XS and they were a huge improvement over the knackered 40+ year-old originals. I suppose, anything would have.
  2. Raymond


    Good work! You took the chance, just jump in and see what you would find, and you dealt with what you found, practical solutions, well executed. Dare I say that this informative and supportive forum maybe helped by giving you the confidence to venture a little further into the unknown? I know...
  3. Raymond

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Those little ends don't look very happy. Can you feel roughness with your fingernail?
  4. Raymond

    Alternative hobby.

    Recumbents are not something you see everyday, certainly not in this part of the world - probably a bit more common in city areas? I've never ridden one but as someone keen on cycling in days of yore, often wonder about the claims that they are more comfortable and natural than upright bicycles.
  5. Raymond

    Resurrecting an old bike - how much will it cost?

    I think it has all been said - most of us will never make money out of old motorbikes, I don't suppose it's any sort of priority either. We do it for fun, in my case because I enjoy riding around on traditional bikes. But I have to admit, the process of fixing them up can also be fun or at least...
  6. Raymond

    '68 BSA Victor Build..... Bloody 'el mate... You 'effin daft or sommit?!?

    Bought a lot of stuff from Feked when rebuilt a Triumph 650 and more recently a few bits for the XS650. Would rate them as a good supplier.
  7. Raymond

    So it begins.....

    Shouldn't be difficult. Main thing if you have a battery is you need the charging source, rectifier and regulator. The rectifier takes alternating current from PMA and 'smooths' it to direct current, the regulator limits flow so you don't fry the battery.
  8. Raymond

    So it begins.....

    Sounds like you want simple wring? Take a look at Tech - for example: Obviously, you've got Boyer Bransden instead of Pamco but the wiring from the stock stator won't be much different.
  9. Raymond

    2003 Royal Enfield 500 Deluxe

    Grimly, good idea, have invested in another little fuse box. Need to decide where to put it, probably in the line to the lights On/Off switch. But today, put the bike back together: At the moment, say it quietly, everything electrical works. New higher-rated alternator, re-wired headlamp...
  10. Raymond

    New member, new bike

    Sorry but can't remember. I think it was 1/2" or 13mm?
  11. Raymond

    New member, new bike

    Bosco, brakes are a bit like meccano - you can replace the master cylinder without changing the brake line or you can replace the brake line without changing the master cylinder. But on an old bike with old rubber brake lines, quite possibly original, I felt a braided steel single run line was a...
  12. Raymond

    Whats your weather right now?

    What's all this with snow blowers? I don't know anybody who has one. Nobody uses one in Scotland, where it does occasionally snow. But in the US, seems like people are all OMG, it's gonna snow, I better get the snowblower ready. How long do you expect the snow to last? It will all be gone...
  13. Raymond

    Van Islander's TX650A Restoration

    Not too sure which gasket you're asking about - the green one near the bottom of the picture is the alternator cover gasket and you already have that cover off.
  14. Raymond

    snort'n Norton, the pointless? thread

    Those cams don't look at all happy IMO.
  15. Raymond

    2003 Royal Enfield 500 Deluxe

    Thanks Jim, beginning to feel it's all a bit clearer. Here's the latest wiring diagram: Must be at least the 4th or 5th sketch but I'm hoping that's it. Wasted some time because of misdirection about where to put the power feed, which led to running on. Today, tank off and have started...
  16. Raymond

    2003 Royal Enfield 500 Deluxe

    Sorry, bear of small brain, don't really understand magnetos co'z I've never had to deal with one. But for wire #1, battery to ignition switch, I'll go with that order of components for now.
  17. Raymond

    An Adventure in Firsts: '83 XS650 Heritage Special Build/Rebuild

    This forum is a place to swap pictures and friendly advice - no pressure to post or not. Good luck with the bike!
  18. Raymond

    2003 Royal Enfield 500 Deluxe

    Thanks, Jim, that makes sense. I couldn't understand the wiring that was in there to start with - the ignition switch had four wires, one from the battery, one to most electrical components, one to the coil (or was it to the points) and one to earth. Apparently, and this explanation is screwed...
  19. Raymond

    Mailmans XS2 , the rebuild.......again

    I'm with Jan on the source of the oil. Slight leakage from behind the points/advance covers was a chronic problem with the original engine in Miss November.
  20. Raymond

    2003 Royal Enfield 500 Deluxe

    Did the experiment. Unhooked the power feed, kick-started the engine and warmed it up. Switched the ignition Off and the engine immediately stopped as expected. First thought is to put the power feed where it was on the original sketch, between battery and ignition switch. Easiest place to...