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    For Sale - XS2 on Ebay
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    For Sale - 1972 XS2 650 Yamaha

    1972 Yamaha 650 XS2, 40000 miles, runs good, no smoke or noises. New parts: Front tire Caliper/SS line/master cylinder Conical fork bearings Speedo/tacho faces XT500 handlebars Recent paint Tank emblems (POS already cracking) Complete wire loom Seat Boyer EI+ coils Sparks alternator/regulator...
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    For Sale - 1972 xs2 parts

    I'll take the engine if it is still for sale...How much will it be the shipping to CA94110? thanks!!
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    Enfine rebuild (another one)

    Thank you! Hugh: I will only build Re-Phased Engines M. Morse: waited 4 months for a pair of wheels/brake to be done and had to take them back without being done. Post countless offers on CL here for engine work...does not have the courtesy to answer 3 emails asking if he can do it or not...
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    Enfine rebuild (another one)

    I am in San Francisco and have only 1/2 of my right arm functioning (MC accident) and I cannot imagine taking my XS2 engine apart...I am ok with "basic" (already redone all the electricity from the alt to the last blinker/new mufflers/fork/swingarm etc) but my wife is tired of running down to...
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    For Sale - 71 xs-1b sn s650017052

    Nice bike!!! too bad I have already a XS2!!! Why is it registerd in CA?
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    Trade - What to do with my XS2???
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    Trade - What to do with my XS2???

    A XS2 rephased??? And who will be doing this (why is another question...)
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    Trade - What to do with my XS2???

    I have a beautiful XS2 Yamaha with 40,000 miles on it, Bought it for my wife and patiently worked on it: new tires, front fork redone (+conical bearings), new caliper & master cylinder/SS line, Boyer EI/coils, Sparx alternator & reg, new stock mufflers/pipes (Mike's repro), oil filter/cooler...
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    Wanted - Headlamp chrome ring XS2

    As the title says!! Good/usable no road rashes. Thks! Got one thanks!!
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    Xs2 rebuild?

    Is there, still, a company/shop doing XS engine rebuilds?? I have only 1,1/2 arm (difficult enough to ride!!) and I'd like to have my XS2 engine redone. Hugh cannot do it ... I am in CA. Thanks.
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    So my frame is bent???

    I don't think so but I a tired of these "adaptive" parts giving this type of results!!! New pairs of mufflers!!! :wtf:
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    I am so dumb!,

    I stopped the bike myself as I was inside... I did put oil in the cylinders but now I will add Marvel, this is an excellent idea: I am a huge fan of it!! And I remembered: i even tried to do a phone video of the start!!! I have no time this week but I will start it next week and see if the Boyer...
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    I am so dumb!,

    Well... everything seems to be ok! I did squirt some oil in the cylinders, kick/turn the engine to get oil everywhere...could not find my comp tester si I am waiting to start if after being able to check the comp. The engine is old 34000 miles and I emptied the oil cold last between...
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    What other bikes do you have?

    And I forgot the XS and my H2 project:
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    What other bikes do you have?

    A couple of pics of my garage:
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    I am so dumb!,

    I finally got all the electricity on XS2 working (new alt/Boyer/wire loom) (but the left turn signals), button up everything (carbs redone, new mufflers, shocks and redone caliper)... So the great moment is here: couple of kick,then a try with the ES... And it starts... Straight to idle, up the...
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    baby' fingers?

    What kind of fingers do you need to attach gas lines on XS2 carbs on a stock bike??? Take off half of the bike? Took me almost one hour to connect the petcocks to the carbs!! I am glad I connected the 2 carbs together when I installed them! How do you spell "poorly thought/made"?? :banghead:
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    Hello list, Does anyone know if there is a kit using the oversized Brembo disc and a 4 pots caliper on a 77/89 fork? thanks! Posted via Mobile
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    Xs2 front pegs rubber

    Is it me or later footpeg rubbers do not fit these big @$$es squares peg of the -72?? Thanks!!