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    Wanted - Throttle Adjuster Screw between Carbs

    PMd you weekendrider. If anyone else has one lying around, let me know. Ill pay for shipping and whatever you want for the screw.
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    Wanted - Throttle Adjuster Screw between Carbs

    Hey, somehow the throttle adjuster screw between my carbs has gone missing on my BS34s (althogh it looks like the screw is the same as other model BS carbs). I need the little screw that sits in the spring, used to balance the butterflys. I've found two places online that mention the screw but...
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - Visual Impact Brat Kit

    Hey, I've got a Visual Impact Brat kit for sale. Its the un-welded kit. Not much to say about it, as its just parts in a box. I'm in Canada so shipping may be a bit expensive to the states but contact me if interested. Looking for $80 CAD plus...
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    one Front Turn Quit working

    I would swap bulbs to see if its not something simple like a burnt out bulb. Then check and see if youre getting power to the signal. If not, start checking the wires.
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    Show off inside your eletrical boxes

    Looks good. you might want to add a couple spare fuses into the extra spots. That way if anything ever goes, youve got a spare handy.
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    Make Offer - lots of parts for sale

    Youve got a PM
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    Wanted - Daytona or Euro Bars

    Hey, looking for a pair of Daytona or Euro 7/8" handlebars. Black preferred but let me know if you've got a pair and feel like getting rid of them. Thanks!
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    For Sale - 1982-83? XS650, parts bike w/ title, KS

    Emailed about parts.
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    Handle bar clamps/risers, OEM or non?

    I know someone on the site makes solid metal risers bushings, and the rest you could get from a bike being parted out in the classifieds.
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    Ima gunna throw these carbs out the window!

    I may be wrong as I have more experience with the BS34s but I suspect your pilot jet is way too small.
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    Handlebar Switches

    I dont at the moment. Im swapping the bars to black supercross style so its causing me to wire everything differntly and will take me a while. On the left side, Ive got a three position toggle switch (On-OFF-ON) for the signals, and a moentary push for the horn. On the right Ive got a single...
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    Handlebar Switches

    Im installing some POSH switches now. If you email the site, they respnd back and have no problem communicating in english.
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    Ballistic vs Oddesey Battery? 3 dead now what!

    It seems like you might want to check out your electrical system and see if you have a drain on the system. Batteries shouldnt be going dead after siting for a few days. And since its happend with three batteries, you can rule out the batteries being the problem.
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    IM looking to buy cafe bars..what size do i need?

    Clip ons will depend on the diameter of your fork too. But youll want 7/8" dimaeter bars like RFLIVES said.
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    Pamco Pete....are you out there?

    He started a thread in the Lounge about how he was overwhelmed with all the messages and emails he was getting. Try PMing him again.
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    1981 xs650 bobber/cafe racer build coming along

    Those footpegs are just what Im looking for. Did you make those?
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    Anyone build battery box?

    Id be interested in a battery box/ electrical box as well. I could provide dimensions and drawings but dont have access to sheetmetal to create one.
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    Fuse panel

    Ebay. Usually less than $10.
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    Cutting the rear loop off. Safty issue?

    Most weld in a rear loop to clean up the rear end and add some structural strength. Others have gotten away with just chooping the end off and running it like that. Its your choice.