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  1. Chicks dig the XS

    Chicks dig the XS

  2. Models love the XS...

    Models love the XS...

  3. Finally done

    Finally done

  4. Finally done

    Finally done

  5. Finally done

    Finally done

  6. TampaSVT

    Tight fit.....underneath...

    A bench vise in the reverse direction should do the trick if there's a square lip on it. But, keep in mind. They're really not made for applying pressure outward. You might damage your vise with too much pressure. Harbor Freight also sells a wooden stretcher tool (for a lack of a better...
  7. TampaSVT

    Anyone painted with flake before?

    The HOK Shimrins spray just like regular paint. Be sure to use a fresh filter when you start. Another suggestion is to add a little more flake to your first couple coats of HOK clear and finish with no flake on the final 1 or 2 coats. Last time I did it on the Road Star, I bought a couple...
  8. TampaSVT

    How are these welds?

    Pud: If you're not confident in your welds, take it to a professional shop and have them run a bead and reinforce what you've already tacked together. I did the same on an earlier frame. Shop cost $100.00+- and I slept much better knowing I'd have somebody else (other than myself) to bitch...
  9. TampaSVT

    What kind of handlebars are you rocking?

    Friscos Rich
  10. TampaSVT

    first run. SHAKEDOWN!!!

    Great news, Angus... :thumbsup: Rich
  11. TampaSVT

    low profile master cylinder

    I've got a new one of these that I'm putting on Ebay next week. Let me know if you're interested and I'll let you have it for cheaper. Rich
  12. TampaSVT

    where does this wire go?

    I remember seeing that one (before I took my bike apart). I think the upper motor mount bolt held it in place. And, I agree. I think it's a ground for something. Rich
  13. TampaSVT

    What other bikes do you have?

    Thanks, Sinking. JD: Small world, brotha. Hey, don't tell the guys over at the Clinic about the V-Twin thing. I want it to be a surprise... :thumbsup: Rich
  14. TampaSVT

    Switch Question

    I believe stock switches ground to the handlebars. Rich
  15. TampaSVT

    single VM36 tuning question.

    I'd trust the plugs and mileage more than just the "surge"... You sure there's no cable binding or something else going on there? Rich
  16. TampaSVT

    single VM36 tuning question.

    I have the same setup, but haven't gotten to the point of tuning it yet. Joe (WiseGuy) says a 22.5 to 25 Pilot is about right. And, 190-200 main. Have you tried the smaller pilot? And, what type of air cleaner are you running? Rich
  17. TampaSVT

    What other bikes do you have?

    2008 Yamaha Road Star XV1700 Comes out in V-Twin magazine this August. You know there's some remote control stuff on it, right? :bike: Rich
  18. TampaSVT

    2" mini speedometer , what ratio?

    Thanks, man. Means I have to wait for Mikes to get some in stock... Rich
  19. TampaSVT

    2" mini speedometer , what ratio?

    Pete: From a cable / thread perspective, are they relatively interchangeable? Thanks, Rich
  20. TampaSVT

    Remote Controlled XS650 - (Video)

    Exactly... :thumbsup: And, realistically, it's only a $35.00 mod...