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  1. weekendrider

    Adios my two wheel friends.

    Thanks for the good times. Weekendrider
  2. weekendrider

    Do you ever wonder what becomes of the custom bikes?

    I'm not talkin paint and shiney. Ima talking about bikes that the owners have made theirs with mechanical innovation. gggGarys Madness, Grizld1's, 2M, DMP's and a dozen others I've forgotten. Thinking of xsjohn's. Can you imagine the fingering a new owner would have with that??? WHERE would you...
  3. weekendrider

    what quailifies as survivor vs resto?

    If your bike has new tires, sprockets, chain, front brake line maybe a different headlight is it still a survivor or does it move to the resto column?
  4. weekendrider

    Rear fender bolt, longer alternatives.

    Needing to add a luggage rack and bag racks. The standard/oem bolt is too short for the additional width of the mounting tabs. When I did this before I used soft copper as the spacer/bushing and it didn't hold up well. I've searched the farm/hardware stores and can't find the size I need in...
  5. weekendrider

    For Sale - Ebay listing: STARTER GEAR CLIP 90468-29062-00

    Not mine just thought I'd pass on what I think is a good deal. . . . . if you need or want one. NOS part? I think so. If it were Mikes they wouldn't have the packaging?
  6. weekendrider

    For Sale - E-Bay listing. Engine rebuild specialty tools

    Some of you more serious engine builders may be interested in this? Part of the tool kit supplied to dealerships for the XS650. I've only seen 3 of these for sale in fifteen years. Rare as hens teeth...
  7. weekendrider

    BWHAHAHAHAHA. . . . . . . WTF, this is a joke right?
  8. weekendrider

    The more the merrier. Thanks BrassCycleWorks!

    Right now I have a 50% chance of winning. But to not share isn't in the spirit. Plus I never win anything so I need others to help suffer the mizery. Sooo if you haven't stumbled upon this thread in the Shops section get on it...
  9. weekendrider

    The connection between a bad rotor and the fuse blowing? B circuit type.

    I have experienced a lack of charging due to a bad rotor before (5 or 6 x's). But never had this happen before. Switching the key on the fuse ('77 single fuse system) would blow. Checking the coupling at the regulator I found continuity on all 3 wires (blk/grn/brwn). Unplugging the coupling for...
  10. weekendrider

    Suitable regulator for a B circuit?

    I'm not having good luck with the VR115. Two have gone south on me. The first I chocked up defective manufacturing but now that the second has quit something else happening. It has been suggested that my load is too small for the VR115's application. So the game is on to find a suitable (4 me)...
  11. weekendrider

    Social media to resolve XS issues

    This isn't a rant, for or against, social media. But could one of the younger members explain why it is the preferred method to try to get an education? When I was young (I am not that old but technology has advanced rapidly) I would seek out knowledge or education from those that were doing...
  12. weekendrider

    Swapping float bowl screws on the 38's

    So you've gotten tired of the phillips head screws and decide to swap. You pack one to the hardware to play the match game. The selection is a little thin, they are either too short or too long but hey longer is better right? And the little bride has always assured you size doesn't matter so go...
  13. weekendrider

    That mix adjustment screw.

    I've read several thoughts about this screw and seen it called several things. So what does it do? How important is its setting?
  14. weekendrider

    Rear axle position with a new chain.

    Since we now have several members running the 77-79(standard) stock exhaust how do you measure the axle position? The mufflers cover the axle so measurment from a set point to center of axle is impossible? The cast markers on the swingarm are reliable? Measuring from the rear block to the...
  15. weekendrider

    Installing an o-ring chain master link

    Small vise grips are to wide to allow you to get the retaining clip on. Regular needle nose or needle nose vice grips don't flush with the sides forcing the pliers off or the link out. My solution is an over size nut placed over one rivet pin and squeezed with a small c clamp. BUT the whole time...
  16. weekendrider

    A better way to lock up your nuts?

    Maybe this is old hat? First time I've seen it. They do come in metric sizes and they are pricey but peace of mind isn't cheap.
  17. weekendrider

    Motor Jadul exhaust, headers or pipes.

    They advertise on the 650 Society's FB page. Wondering if anyone has tried them yet.
  18. weekendrider

    Petcock inlet piping

    Sometimes inlet piping is cracked or damaged. Shit happens. To remove the old I used a 13/64 bit. A 6mm bit and tubing for the new. A tubing cutter was used instead of saw or cut-off blade. The separation is cleaner and it kinda swedges the end of the tubing so the press fit is tighter? Be...
  19. weekendrider

    For Sale - Somebody wants this XS2. If you check and it is already gone please post.
  20. weekendrider

    Deleting a post

    This option has been removed? Or was it never available in the "classroom" forum?