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    Anybody own Anvils in America book?

    I'm actually a member of that forum also haha, I had posted the info there first and wasn't getting much help, but someone on there was able to help me. Turns out it is a 157 pound Trenton anvil made in 1899, I was pretty excited to here it was that old
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    Anybody own Anvils in America book?

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a copy of anvils in America? I just got an old Trenton anvil and I'm trying to track down the year it was made. The serial number is A49437 (I think, the second 4 is very hard to see and is just a guess). I know this isn't a metal working forum...
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    For Sale - Tool box clean out! Matco, Snap-on, Mac tools

    Got anymore snap on stuff, I would be interested in that snap on ratchet also
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    Make Offer - LOTS of 80-81 Parts, Upstate NY

    Is that spoked rear wheel still for sale? You can text me at541-499-7053 if that's easier
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    Can someone measure their chops source cones?

    I am thinking about ordering a set but I'm curious if they will work for what I need, I won't be using them on a frame jig. so I'm curious what the overall length is and what the OD Is at the top and bottom. Thanks in advance.
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    Ignition Unit replacement needed

    I have a used one out of an 81, if they are the same I would sell it for 50 bucks. But it is used so I can't guarantee how long it will last, but I did take it out of a running bike
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    Ardcore ?

    Ya that front half isn't mine, that's just his mock up one he uses, he is just sending me the tail section. But I agree long and low is what we are going for on this one
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    Ardcore ?

    He has been great to deal with this whole time and I bet he could probably do whatever you need
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    Ardcore ?

    Here is the picture I got yesterday of the progress, look just like what the customer asked for. I will post some more pics when I have it in front of me
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    Ardcore ?

    I tried to get ahold of them looking for a hardtail 4-5 weeks ago and still haven't heard back. I gave up on them. I ended up talking to a guy named Dave at he is making me a dropseat weld on hardtail for a customers bike, he sent me pics of it today all tacked up and...
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    after I got rained on the other night....

    Then I would check the battery, I bet it's dead. Charge it and see if you can get the bike to fire up and put a meter on the batter while revving the bike and check voltage again. Stock charging system?
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    after I got rained on the other night....

    I would start by checking battery voltage at the battery, make sure it's fully charged if it is, start checking all your connections and fuses, bad grounds can cause a lot of problems. If the battery isn't fully charged, charge it and then check all your connections. Take your battery in and...
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    Starter won't turn over but horn works... Help

    Your handlebars aren't typically grounded unless you have run a ground wire to them. They are rubber mounted
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    lookin for xs builders in NC.

    Not sure how far it is from you, but Hugh from hughs handbuilts is in NC
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    Make Offer - Partially parting out 81 xs650

    Ok I just decided to hot wire it instead of waiting for a key, when I hit the turn signals both come on, high and low beam switch is working, when I press the horn button nothing happens but when I put power straight to the horn it doesn't hone so I would guess the switch is fine and the horn...
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    Make Offer - Partially parting out 81 xs650

    Hey I didn't forget about you, I forgot this thing didn't come with a key so I'm gonna go to a lock smith today and get one made and I will let you know if the switches work. The mirrors have sold, sorry man
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    Anybody used the HF ultra sonic cleaner?

    Thinking about trying one out for carbs and I was just curious if anyone had any experience with them
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    Make Offer - Partially parting out 81 xs650

    I haven't checked, but when I get hom from work I will put a battery in it and find out and let you know
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    Wanted - TCI BOX

    Still looking for a tci box?
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    Make Offer - Partially parting out 81 xs650

    I picked up an 81 xs650 at the swap meet yesterday,I am keeping the motor carbs main frame forks and wheels, if anyone needs any of the other stuff make an offer and cover shipping and it's yours looks like most of it's been spray painted army green. I can send pics if anyone is interested, for...