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  1. uebe

    Brother's Indian

    Gorgeous ! Thanks for the photo
  2. uebe

    Bike won't rev past 4000 RPM Use the google search to the left, right under the "Home" tab - it will give you more info
  3. uebe

    Stock handlebar height 1978

    I fit an '80 and '83 into my Element by loosening the handlebars and rotating them downward
  4. uebe

    Wanted - Nice rear 18 wheel

    $125.00 plus shipping - I can check shipping cost on Monday Dave
  5. uebe

    Lighting troublshooting advice requested

    Thanks Fred.......... I thought, (hoped), I had enough "leg" to fool the latch so to speak. Now it's time for Curly's charging guide !
  6. uebe

    Lighting troublshooting advice requested

    I'm very close to wrapping up an '80G I picked up. PO had removed some parts including the wire harness prior to selling it to me. Put harness back on bike, some parts missing, so I don't have the light checker and bypassed reserve lighting unit - L/Y to L/B Everything electrical now...
  7. uebe

    left cylinder runs too cool

    I would check your valve tappet clearances.
  8. uebe

    Tall Riders check out this thread
  9. uebe

    seats for non-hardtail or soft tail

    I'm using a Corbin-Gentry seat that I think will work out well. I see that you're also in Rochester. I'll send you a PM. If you'd like to see what that seat would look like on your bike, we can get together.
  10. uebe

    Newby seeks intermittent engine hesitation diagnostic advice

    Thanks for the update........ Always good form to let us "students" know the outcome to help us learn
  11. uebe

    Look what followed me home!

    ^^^ "the pod guys" :laugh:...........wasn't there a horror movie involving pods?
  12. uebe

    Once upon a time in 1975

    How cool was that !!! Yer a movie star......... I saw some 2 strokes, but couldn't name them for sure.......also some Triumphs and Hondas. I'll bet you look exactly the same now as then:D
  13. uebe

    Gas Station Sushi This was the only info I could find on Pov76 --- I haven't seen him on this forum for some time
  14. uebe

    Wanted - 2-1 exhaust for 82 heritage special

    more pics
  15. uebe

    Wanted - 2-1 exhaust for 82 heritage special

    Exhaust from '83..........some surface rust, but solid Let me know if you're interested
  16. uebe

    What is the average age of this group ?

    Happy belated birthday........Wednesday was mine as well............... Tax day----Anniversary of Titanic sinking and Lincolns assassination Careful with that rock climbing, you might break a hip. got you by a year, but I don't remember 1973-1975 so maybe they don't count Here's to a good year
  17. uebe

    Gas Station Sushi

    Leebo...............Pov76 is a member on this site who makes seats
  18. uebe

    Resto harness help?

    Thanks Leo...........flashers iffy, actually it's a connection. I shifted the harness a bit and they came on. For the price, I think I'll pick up a flasher anyway and eliminate that worry. Now, on to the loose connections.................
  19. uebe

    woot! 71 running strong

    Thanks for the report and photo.......beautiful bike ! (you may be an addict)
  20. uebe

    Resto harness help?

    Thanks guys................I knew I'd seen those diagrams before and went off searching microfiches. I'm lucky so far---The harness is looking fairly neat and the only thing not working is the flasher unit. Need to check the charging circuit, and the carbs need some love. Thanks again-