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  1. Grimly

    Can't get the oil strainer plate off

    I don't recall mentioning it, but I might have noticed it.
  2. Grimly

    Buying motorcycle gear online. Are the good times really over?

    I've had a few pairs of German and Dutch para boots over the years and done many miles in them. They're great all-rounders, if a little short for horrible weather, but long rain trousers take care of that. Only thing is - watch the laces. You lose your dignity if a lace loop catches on a...
  3. Grimly

    What the Heck Is It ?

    Yeah, kids have forgotten how to be annoying. I miss those days.
  4. Grimly

    About that popcorn machine...

    "If I give her any more, she'll blow, Captain."
  5. Grimly

    About that popcorn machine...

    Industrial rough service bulbs were a commonly available item at electrical wholesalers, for use in inspection handlamps. They really did survive a long time in conditions of being dropped and banged often. Not so sure about the much-touted longevity of modern bulbs. Ignoring the cheap ones...
  6. Grimly

    I can see..again!

    You didn't see the thanks letters from the Organ Donation charities?
  7. Grimly

    Happy Thanksgiving day

  8. Grimly

    Is Twitter about to b killed

  9. Grimly

    Truing stand

    I made a dead-nuts simple balancing rig because I didn't have one to hand... I doubt it would be any good for building a spoked wheel, but if'n when I need one I'll make one.
  10. Grimly


    The building I'm in used to be a rural creamery, and because the power supply was erratic (or wasn't even there when the building was erected), the machines were run off a boiler and steam engine, but with a shaft extension going out the wall, so that a tractor or other mobile machine could belt...
  11. Grimly

    XS650 Craigslist postings depository

    A fine Hippo Matic oath.
  12. Grimly


    I started out with a nice selection of Britool and Snap-On, some fifty years ago, but they went through a period of being attractive to magpies and I restarted selecting their replacements about 20 years ago. Now I have a full set of Taskmaster combos (Taskmaster was a Taiwanese clone of S-O...
  13. Grimly

    Just out of curiosity - Airplane Guys

    Wow, well spotted, Jim. I'd been all over it and missed that - too distracted by all the pretty guages. I had a feeling you'd know it anyhow.
  14. Grimly

    Just out of curiosity - Airplane Guys

    Wondering if anyone recognises this cockpit. It's a sample shot from a D600 camera, so was taken about ten years ago, and probably of a cockpit that's long been retired and now an exhibit. <warning, large file>...
  15. Grimly

    '68 BSA Victor Build..... Bloody 'el mate... You 'effin daft or sommit?!?

    No worries, just to make sure that anyone who gets charged VAT on an export knows they've been screwed. It's happened before, and will happen again. Sometimes it is accidental, but sometimes I'm damned sure it isn't.
  16. Grimly

    '68 BSA Victor Build..... Bloody 'el mate... You 'effin daft or sommit?!?

    There's no VAT on exports.
  17. Grimly

    It's time to start a winter Project.

    Good work. Your tyre will be less good, and we don't notice that, so don't sweat it.
  18. Grimly

    Mig gun

    Kemppi, very nice, very pricey too.
  19. Grimly

    Chop Source - XS650 Engine Stand Brackets

    Having just bought an engine stand I'm keen to get one of your adapters to go with it, so please alert us when you're ready with it. <thread bookmarked>
  20. Grimly

    Interesting Posts Today

    It would disappear up its own fundament.