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  1. DogBunny

    For Sale - 2 nice Custom Paint gas tanks

    Asking for $260 each, including U.S. shipping. These are Brand-New, never used tanks. Both were bought on eBay and painted within the last 4 weeks. Both are steel, 2.4 gallon, made in Asia. In the next two posts I'll go into the details of each tank. In this post, I'll cover the similarities...
  2. DogBunny

    my semi-homemade key duplicating machine

    I've been scouring eBay for key cutting machines for years, but they are a pretty popular item, and were always too expensive. Like starting at about $200 for a decent used one. Then, back in August, this antique machine came up. I was the only person who bid on it. Got it delivered to my...
  3. DogBunny

    early years of Honda, 1949-1960 -- another Old Bike Barn article Mildly interesting article, mildly well-written.
  4. DogBunny

    NEW 1973-1975 gas caps WITH Fuel Level Gauge Spotted today on eBay. This is BRAND-NEW manufacturing, made in Taiwan, not NOS. This is a very good price. Also spotted today. This is the Asahi-Denso brand one that was made in the 70s, and which occasionally pops...
  5. DogBunny

    VIDEO of my potter's wheel tank tumbler cleaner

    This was pretty much simplicity itself. The only trick was attaching the tank to the wheel head, but that turned out to be pretty easy too. I might make a longer video covering the nuances, or I might not. As an experiment, I added a tablespoon of Borax to the abrasive resin media. Borax has...
  6. DogBunny

    vintage motorcycle auction, Michigan, Sat. the 8th. Not much info, but tons of pics. Lots of interesting bikes, and a few cars. Lots of Brit bikes. At least one XS650, a ho-hum...
  7. DogBunny

    For Sale - nice factory Sissy Bar for 1978-1979 Special models

    This is an original dealer-optional sissy bar, Yamaha part # ACC-11110-48-54 (ACC-11110-48-52). It takes the place of the chrome grab rail, using the exact same mounting hardware. The flashers mount to it exactly like they do on the stock grab rail. For 1978-1979 Special models only (SE, SF and...
  8. DogBunny

    unusual oil leak

    Here's a weird one. I'm working on a resurrection, and I discovered a leak at the 14mm plug in the sump strainer cover. Leaked about a teaspoon per day. I know what you're thinking: He's crazy, must have actually been a leaking gasket, or something else. Nope, it was definitely, 100% the...
  9. DogBunny

    For Sale - 36 spoke DRUM REAR hub, needs work, $24 shipped

    EDIT: thread has been updated with new pictures and additional info in the following post.
  10. DogBunny

    1971 XS1B on Facebook -- asking $800 -- Grass Valley, CA

    Somebody buy this. It is a steal at the asking price, and can probably be further talked down. There's plenty there for a full resto, or please give me first shot at any take-offs or parts.
  11. DogBunny

    Anyone recognize this XS1 front wheel ?

    I saw this wheel fairly recently. I think I saw it on this Forum -- does anyone know what thread it was in? Maybe I saw it on Facebook, or somewhere else -- does anyone know where this was posted?
  12. DogBunny

    throttle sleeve & housing I.D. needed -- not XS

    Single over-hand entry, and no electrics at all, so probably a dirt bike. Looks vintage, and could be Yamaha, Honda, or anything. Thanks for your help.
  13. DogBunny

    Yamaha headlight wire around (reserve lighting unit and idiot light)

    How to remove your Reserve Lighting Unit and still have proper headlight operation. Yamaha included a silly device called a Reserve Lighting Unit that will automatically switch your headlight to high beam if your low beam burns out. It also lights up an idiot light to tell you that your...
  14. DogBunny

    Facebook XS1B in NC $1500 One picture if you hunt through the pics. I contacted the seller. He can't find the tank. Told me $1500, would probably take less. I didn't ask, but I assume no title.
  15. DogBunny

    Free - vintage Omar's and Manx brochures

    The Omar's brochure is dated 1998 and is 8 pages. The Manx brochure is dated 2000 and is 4 pages, and the front page would look decent framed. Both brochures would look good on a man-cave coffee table. Both in good condition with creases. Free, just pay $7 for shipping.
  16. DogBunny

    For Sale - Boat Load of PARTS -- Motivated Seller!

    Some of these parts I will practically give away. Everything for less than you'd think, even nice and valuable parts. Small parts that weigh 4 ounces or less ship for $4. Parts that weigh less than a pound ship for $5-7. Heavy items that will fit in a Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope...
  17. DogBunny

    Score! -- that elusive 1970-1973 chrome headlight trim ring

    Like a LOT of people, I have been searching for months and MONTHS for a 70-73 chrome headlight trim ring. I made the mistake of selling mine to an in-town acquaintance for his build. I never would have sold it if I had known how difficult they have become to find. A craigslist came up today...
  18. DogBunny

    Video -- of my DIY 90-degree screwdriver carb sync screw tool

    This one is short and sweet. Clocks in at a svelte 3 minutes and 45 seconds, and 45 seconds of that is of a running XS650. It's a tool specifically for getting at that hard-to-reach sync screw between linked carb bodies, and if I do say so, it works well. Easy to get on and keep on the screw...
  19. DogBunny

    Video -- of me repairing a broken engine case cover

    Came in a little long at exactly 23-1/2 minutes. Repairing a broken cover that I'm going to use for my Aprilia hydraulic clutch mod. Didn't want to drill mounting holes for the slave cylinder in a perfectly good cover.
  20. DogBunny

    VIDEO -- of my Aprilia hydraulic clutch mod

    I have decided to put a hydraulic clutch on the Super RustBucket. I have literally spent hours and hours -- like an entire day -- researching this. I've read every single relevant thread on this and other forums, but maybe I'm missing some information gems hidden in member's build threads...