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    pamco problems again

    i fitted a new PAMCO to my 1980sg got the timing right with a timing wheel but now it will idle but wont rev over 5000 reves so i took it to a bike machanic in brisbane called ELLASPEDE to check it out first thing he showed me was 4 other bikes with PAMCO ignitions and said they are shit and and...
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    34vm round slides again sorry

    I know i know not again but I've spent hours now reading and following links the more i read the less i seem to understand . I don't want to race or do anything silly I've got a stock standard 1980 . does any one know what the set up would be for vm34 round slides like the correct main jet size...
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    oil filler thread size ?

    my original dip stick looks like a rat has had a chew on it i went on flea bay and found a cap that said it would fit its a m27x3 alloy cap only thing its $60 bucks Australian so i looked up a m27x3 oil filler cap as a generic cap and found one for $50 bucks waited for a month to be delivered...
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    loaded gun rear sets

    hey men i purchased a set of loaded gun rear sets for my cafe build i just want to warn people not to make the same mistake i did they are very poor quality and not well designed the main problem is the rear brake will only work if you remove the kick starter it only lets the brake arm move 1/2...
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    short clutch cable

    good morning , im at the last hurdle on my cafe build can any one please tell me if i can buy a short clutch cable that i can use ? i have put on a set of clip on bars and even the clutch cable from the old xs 650 standards are 8" {200mm} to long . i surely must not be the first to have this...
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    breather swap

    Good morning people i have a simple question i think .Are the breather blocks up on the cylinder head interchangeable? I have got an old 73 motor that has the big 1 1/2 inch wide breather with 2 pipes coming out of it and i want to change it to the later model narrower single pipe one . Its only...
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    rear master cylinder rebuild

    hey guys ive got a rear master cylinder rebuild kit and im not sure how it goes together is there a trick to getting the rubber shaft seal on to the shaft im worried it wont stretch that far and will tear thanks Triumph68
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    nylon gear shaft guard

    good afternoon gentlemen i was wanting to replace the metal gear shaft chain guard on the gear selector shaft with a simple nylon one that looks a bit like a long bobbin i was wondering if any one has machined one up and if so what are the specs i saw them for sale on the Australian xs650 club...
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    confused battery eliminator

    mate my head is going to explode , i got a bare 1976 frame and a 1973 engine to make into a brat bike i saw the monstercraftsman video on utube , so i got the kit and fitted it no problem but what do i do to fit the electrics ? so i got a complete high output standard ignition and pma package...
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    Wanted - 35mm front end

    hi men im after a 35mm triple trees and forks that are in good order and rust free postage to australia is about $130.00 US i would like to pay by a paypal invoice if posible thanks .Andy
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    ribbed alternator cover

    does anybody know where i can buy a ribbed alternator cover ? ive seen pitchers of them but carnt find anyone who sells them . thanks Andrew
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    1976 sidestand replacement

    Good morning fellers ive got a 1976 xs c frame i picked up cheap well $350 bucks in australia is cheap, we are ripped of with everything thats another story . well im looking for a sidestand and as it turns out there as rare as rocking horse shit has any one used another stand of a different...
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    rear brake plate

    i was wondering if the rear brake hub plate is interchangeable ? im getting a 1981 mag and the bloke has kept the brake plate . can i use any xs650 plate and if so what would fit in a 1981 mag thanks . andrew from down under
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    1972 kick stand

    does anyone know if i can use a differnt kick stand on a 1970 ? the ones ive found on flea bay are super expensive or rusted out then add shipping to australia and it ends up being $150 for a simle sid stand thanks guys. andrew
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    rebuilt engine

    Hey guys i want to know if there is anyone in the states sells complete rebuilt motors . you might think im jokeing but to get your own motor striped down and rebuilt in australia costs a small fortune ive been quoted between $5000 to $6000 dollars and thats from several different workshops i...
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    pamco install where to start

    morning i got a basic compleat pma kit from mikes xs for my 1980 sg but it has no install instructions i found a video on you tube with a young fellow installing one on a 1983 . It starts with him installing the electronics then he taps in the supplied brass bush, on my 1980 that has points...
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    Wanted - wanted fork brace

    im after a hughs hand built fork brace for 35mm forks that will fit over a 19" mag . hugh wants $119 for it wants to charge $190 to send it to australia ive costed it and it should be under $90 im sick of getting ripped because i live in australia thanks Andrew
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    750 big bore carbs

    ive done the searchs and carnt find a simple answer to will a set of vm 34mm round slide carbs be used on a 750 big bore kit if not what carbs are best .thank Andrew from down under
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    Wanted - wanted 19" rear kit

    Im after a 19" rear wheel converion kit but omars is gone and i carnt get a reply from jim henry . thanks Andrew
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    what master cylinder for brembo twin disc ?

    hey guys i purchased a set of brembo gold calipers from pandemonium choppers for my twin disc 1980 xs650 cafe racer i want to get the corect master cylinder to match them ive done a few searches and come up with a 14mm nissin master cylinder . is this correct ? what have other people used ...