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    Wanted - XS neck with title

    You can register them in Vermont if you want plates to make them street legal. I’ve done it twice.
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    Wanted - Title with frame neck

    Question, are you looking for a neck stamped with a VIN and title to go along with it, just to weld onto a custom frame? If so, does it need to be an XS650?
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    Pilot Air Screw

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    Pilot Air Screw

    So, taking this further, what is the next step of you DO drill out the stuck pilot screw And end up damaging the threads in the hole?
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    BS34 Carb Diagram/Schematic/Exploded View

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but can anyone tell me what the “other” main jet (#44 in the diagram) is for? Does it ever get replaced with a different size jet when someone tunes their carburetor?