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  1. Jim

    Prepaid SIM Cards

    Sue just recently upgraded to a new phone, so I figured I'd take her old one and have it dedicated to my bike for a navigator/map display. Cleaned her phone, installed Waze.... so far so good. Just walking outside had the map operating as it should. And here's where it went off the
  2. Jim

    Harbor Freight Wheel Balancing Stand. Product Review/modification.

    One of the in-laws gave me a Harbor Freight gift card for Christmas. I'd actually forgot about it. I was in the process of making a wheel balance/trueing stand when I remembered it. HF is only a 5 min drive from here, so off I go. It's advertised only as a balancing stand. 50 bucks out the...
  3. Jim

    AFC Championship

    Hey Joe.... welcome to "Burrowhead." :laugh2:
  4. Jim

    David Crosby

    David Crosby passed away today. I grew up listening to CSN&Y. They're still easy on the ears today. Farewell David.
  5. Jim

    Jay Leno's Burns

    Love him or hate him.... he's a tough ol' sumbich.
  6. Jim

    Space... The Final Frontier. Good Night Oppy

    A new thread dealing with anything outer space. Thursday... Thanksgiving, is the release of Good Night Oppy. A documentary that tells the tale of Mars rover Opportunity. Built to last 90 days, she soldiered on for almost 15 yrs. This is her story. It gets 85 rotten tomatoes. Here's the trailer.
  7. Jim

    Mind Blown

  8. Jim

    Attorney who fought Florida helmet laws died in motorcycle crash while not wearing one

    Smith didn’t like being told what to do and valued his independence, said Dave Newman, who met the attorney through an American Legion post in Old Town where they were both members. “He thought everybody should have their own choice,” Newman said. In 2000, Smith’s aspiration was realized when...
  9. Jim

    '74 RD350. Yeah... I know....

    Go ahead with your jokes... projects and holes in the head an' all that... I can take it. :cautious: Anyway... it was advertised as a '74 RD 350, complete with extra motor, sitting in baskets on two pallets. Your classic "basket case," for 500 bucks.... right up my alley. :er: Offered 400 sight...
  10. Jim

    Sold / Found / Inactive - BS-34 springs (2ea), diaphragm 2f0-14933-00-00

    What the title sez.... diaphragm springs (2 of 'em) for Mikuni BS-34 carbs. I'm bringing a set back from the grave. The springs are the only major pieces I'm missing. Thanks.
  11. Jim

    Tire Spoons

    I've got a new tire on the way for the SG. Went to dust off my tire spoons in anticipation. They're gone. Best guess is I loaned 'em out years ago and they never came back. So anyway.. tire irons, spoons... tools.... what does everybody like for 'em? I know Harbor Freight has 'em cheap. So does...
  12. Jim

    Sold / Found / Inactive - TCI/Gonzo Jumper Harness (pigtail)

    A few weeks ago a forum member asked me if I'd make him a pigtail for the TCI/Gonzo (GN250) box swap. I used my last 6 pin connector making it, so when I reordered, I ordered 10 of 'em. So, I've made up 10 pigtails to offer to the forum. The Suzuki GN250 ignition box (Gonzo) is a direct swap for...
  13. Jim

    One Mans Junk.... '72 CS5E (RD200) Build.

    ... is another mans.... um.... treasure? :er: Got a text from @RustiePyles this morning.... Here's the Facebook ad. Guy didn't know anything about it.... was his Dads... he's clueless. He called me back about 2. The other two guys passed on it. Jumped in the truck and headed down to...
  14. Jim

    Harbor Freight. Grrrr....

    About 6mo ago I bought a 25lb tub of glass beads from Harbor Freight. The stuff worked good. I used up the last of it 'bout a week ago and went and bought some more. Last night I cleaned out the blasting cabinet and went to pour in some of the fresh stuff. Well, what's in the tub ain't glass...
  15. Jim

    May the 4TH Be With You.

  16. Jim

    What's the Worst Job You Ever Had?

    Rules: Multiple entries allowed. Dirty job, boring job... dangerous job... whatever. Any job you hated and would never do again. I'll go first... :wink2: When I retired from the Air Force in '94, aviation jobs were hard to come by. There had been a force drawdown a few yrs earlier and there was...
  17. Jim

    Research Discovers Why Some Drivers Do Not See Motorcyclists on the Road

    From here... Link. " After careful review of the data, Shel Silva recommended motorcyclists to make minor lane adjustments within their lane before making a maneuver or a turn. The idea is that drivers would have their attention captured by the additional movement, thus making riders more...
  18. Jim

    KC Chiefs fans rock!

    Were it more rivalries were like this....
  19. Jim

    Electric Vehicles, Hybrids...Battery tech... Land Air and Sea. Let's See 'em.

    I thought I'd start a discussion on electric power and the tech improvements that seem to come out daily now. Cars, trains and airplanes... motorcycles, bicycles... you name it, if it moves you (pun intended), let's see it. I know @gggGary has started several discussions on electric bikes and...