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  1. MacMcMacmac

    New member, new to the XS650

    Like Suzuki GS "L" models, few people care much for late model Specials, so you might find they are easier and cheaper to find.
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    Right now I'm listening to...

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    Steady State Running Misfire

    Have a persistent misfire between 2500 and 4000rpm, Usually worst when cold and at 3000rpm. Bike is bucking and nosing over at steady throttle. Not so bad when accelerating, but mises the odd time at highway speed as well around 4000rpm. I just put the stock mains and pilots back in since the...
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    What's a Yamaha XS650"CR"?

    I think the old fashioned F86 fairing knecapped the Seca. The GPz was steamrolling everything by that time.
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    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    The 80's muscbikes were kind of an interesting eddy in motorcycle design. The V65 started it off, then came the 900 Eliminator, VMax and Madura. There was also the 1 year only ZL1000 Eliminator. The VMax was the king, and lasted the longest, although the ZL1000 gave it all it could handle, for...
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    XS650 Craigslist postings depository Free is good.
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    Oh, oh, look what ended up in my driveway…..

    Every forum has it's dick heads. I wonder if Teebs ever built his XS, lol.
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    Right now I'm listening to...

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    Oh, oh, look what ended up in my driveway…..

    An improvement on the XS where its the gear that disappears.
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    XV hits and misses.

    Turning out not too bad. Have to repair the clear coat that pulled off with the 2 sided tape when badge application went pear shaped. I can't say enough about how impressed I am with the Spraymax 2k. Colour is GM Ming Blue. Couple of things need tending to. Low oil light seems to be permanently...
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    WTF pictures

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    Oh, oh, look what ended up in my driveway…..

    I have a crush on a yellow V9 Roamer, thinking it might be the XS650 perfected.
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    CX500 opinions?

    The one to have:
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    XV hits and misses.

    I never realized how close these two are in size.
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    WTF pictures

    Low points in Canadian public art procurement: "Voice of Fire", Barnett Newman, 1967, $1.8 million "The Red Trench", Don Wright, 1985 ($ ????? cheap at twice the price). I remember this art purchase being fiercely defended at the time, before being relegated to some back corridor of a...
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    Leaking carburetors

    I hear you. I paid $1500 for a set of Mikuni RS38 racing carbs and the damn things hydro-locked my Bandit 1200 from the get go. The only thing I can think of, if it's not the float needle, is maybe the o-ring outside of the float needle seat.
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    Right now I'm listening to...

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    Post a Photo of your Dog

    Yes? Can I help you?
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    650 Special brake caliper upgrade

    I have fzr discs and spacers I made a few years ago if you want to go this route. Edit: I just noticed you are in the UK so shipping would probably be an issue.... Carry on....
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    Bondo Advice

    In the light of better info, sometimes, you just have to start again. A fully blasted tank is so much nicer to work with.