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  1. Splodge

    Can this be saved ?

    Hi again Grewth Thanks for those pictures. More questions :D Hopefully this will be the last. Refering to the picture below, the red line intersects the centres of the mounting holes, does that look to be in the right place to you, or could it go left or right a bit? The holes are set at 3.4mm...
  2. Splodge

    Mystery backfires/ignition 180 out???

    Hi Jim that would be really great, you can cut the wires off, down to half inch or so, that should keep shipping down too. If I PM my address to you would you be able to find out how much shipping would be? A big thank you to you :thumbsup: Neil
  3. Splodge

    Mystery backfires/ignition 180 out???

    I would like to get hold of a faulty set of pickup coils to tear apart with a view to making copies but no one this side of the Atlantic has anything, I really don't want to destroy a good set. I've wound guitar pickups in the past, the principle is pretty much the same except on a bike they...
  4. Splodge

    Throttle Cable DIY

    Hi Dwayne, sorry I don't have any idea what size hardware or nipple size you would need for a Commando throttle grip.
  5. Splodge

    Can this be saved ?

    I've gone back to the start, (again :)), and changed the profile of the ribs, looks a bit nearer the real thing now I think.
  6. Splodge

    Throttle Cable DIY

    Is this what you are looking for? Link
  7. Splodge

    Mystery backfires/ignition 180 out???

    If you can get hold of a Honda CBR600 coil it makes a great replacement for the TCI coil. I managed to get a pair myself on auction really cheap a few weeks ago. Quite a few other Honda bikes use that coil too, It's got 'MP08' stamped on it. There are some threads on here about it if you do a...
  8. Splodge

    Can this be saved ?

    Hi Grewth more questions :) Referring to the picture below the mounting hole will, (hopefuly), be directly in line with either a rib or a gap. If you name that rib or gap which is inline with the mounting hole 'Number1', then count round anticlockwise until you get to the places I've marked...
  9. Splodge

    Can this be saved ?

    Hi Grewth This is what I have so far.. When you get a chance could you get some measurements and pictures of the bit that is notched out at the ign switch? Neil
  10. Splodge

    Can this be saved ?

    Ah, 45 makes sense 8X45=360 Ribs are spaced at 8 degree intervals.
  11. Splodge

    Can this be saved ?

    Hi Grewth That is a good bit of information, I'll give it a go, I'm no pro at CAD, just a hobbyist so don't expect too much, it's going to be an exersise in learning for me. I'm just saying 'don't get your expectations too high' :). Also, if you could imagine it symetrical without the ignition...
  12. Splodge

    Can this be saved ?

    Hi Grewth. if you can post some good photos with measurements I'd have a go at recreating something close to that plastic ring, if you like. Neil
  13. Splodge

    Royston and District Bike Show 15th June 2022

    Not me, someone I watch regularly on you tube.
  14. Splodge

    Wanted - Wanted: Pickup coils, sensor for TCI ignition.

    Hi I'm on the look out for a set of pickup coils for a TCI ignition, working or not, (I would try repairing, dissecting, rewinding or even copying a dead set). I plan to build a mock up of the rotor using a spinning disc with magnet driven by an electric motor with speed controller so I can...
  15. Splodge

    Early '70 to '73 silencers

    Hi there is a shop in Redditch that were selling the silencers a few weeks ago, he is out of stock now but it might be worth getting in touch and asking when new stock will be in. Classic Bike Shop I have no connection by the way.
  16. Splodge

    The proverbial barn full of old bikes fable?

    I had a Suzuki GT550 about 26 years ago, it was my first big bike after passing my test. It was a 3 cylinder 2 stroke, I bought it from an advert in a publication called UBG, (Used Bike guide), that we used to get on the newsagents shelves over here in the UK. It was quite quite an old bike...
  17. Splodge

    Thinking outside the box ?

    Hi go and have a play around here... Tinkercad I'm on there creating something once or twice a week.
  18. Splodge

    1974 XS650 - First Post and Seeking Mechanical Help!

    Hi If it was running OK but suddenly it isn't then it could be crud in the fuel tank. After cleaning the carbs fit a fuel filter if one isn't already fitted, if there is one check it, if it's old and gunky replace it. :thumbsup: Good luck
  19. Splodge

    Can Someone Explain Ignition System on 1982 XS650 Special?

    The Heritage Special has a sidestand switch and a clutch switch to ensure that the bike cant be started unless the clutch is pulled in when not in neutral and the sidestand is down. If the bike won't start in neutral with the sidestand up you may have a wiring problem. The sidestand relay is a...
  20. Splodge

    I fell off my XS650 'Fat Cast Brat' and I'd like your opinion.

    I think I remember that bike from ebay a few weeks ago, I remembered it particularly because it looked like it had a back wheel on the front. ebay auction link I hope you get it fixed up soon mate.