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  1. Brassneck

    New member. Beginning build.

    Yep, you can look up for seats that fit without modification.
  2. Brassneck

    Shout out for Rebel Gears.

    Agreed, they're great. They are my go-to for sprockets used on my race bikes (vintage Honda 175's).
  3. Brassneck

    New member. Beginning build.

    Nice bike! I have a Special II and have done mods to essentially make it my own (The list is countless). But you can literally do a lot of cosmetic and handling changes and still be able to revert back to stock if you ever wanted to. Beyond getting it running good, for me, on of the biggest...
  4. Brassneck

    gggGary's latest XS project "madness"

    That came out great!
  5. Brassneck

    Carb Woes...

    Sorry I couldn't be more help. I like the BS38's for the tune-ability of them and the classic "Stock" look...that being said, they can be finicky. I ended up switching to VM34's a while back. They are super easy to tune and work well with pods. CV carbs can of course be tuned for pods, but...
  6. Brassneck

    Carb Woes...

    Having the advancer move freely is important...especially if you're setting the spark timing at idle, but if the advancer is...well, advanced, it may make it hard to start...however, I'm not sure that would cause it to not accept more throttle. If you're cam timing is correct, and the spark...
  7. Brassneck

    BARBER !

    It's on my list of must-do's... I qualified the last 3 years to race w/Ahrma at Barber...but I just can't find the time to drive across the country during this time of year (Work-wise it just too busy). Maybe next year. :)
  8. Brassneck

    Carb Woes...

    Here are my first thoughts: Are you getting enough fuel? Did you set the float height correctly? Did you happen to put the slides in backwards? I can't recall if that's a possibility with BS38's (Like if you can put the left slide on the right side and vice-versa?). I would check the...
  9. Brassneck

    hard clutch pull

    I know I'm late to this thread, but is there any way you can swap back to stock springs? The Barnett springs are much heavier, and likely the cause of the heavy pull. I tried them once, and instantly regretted the stiffness. Just a thought.
  10. Brassneck

    Miss November XS2 tribute

    Charging system seems like it's working...and at rest, with a low v after fully charging on your trickle charger, to me it sounds like the battery is on it's way out... or, there's a draw on the battery with the key off, but I doubt that's the case. If it's a lead acid, you could check the...
  11. Brassneck

    Looking to replace rear shocks.

    I have 13.5" progressive's on my XS (from 650 Central)... they're great and the spring rate I got is perfect for my set-up. I race with Hagon's on my vintage honda's...also great. Either option, you can't go wrong.
  12. Brassneck

    Build Thread...Special to Cafe Bike

    Yikes...but could have been worse--Glad she'll be ok soon. I also know the feeling of an all-too-cramped garage. :)
  13. Brassneck

    Newbie to the xs world and bikes

    I was going to bet $ on the issue being the clutch safety relay. :)
  14. Brassneck

    Yet Another Clutch Mod. Thread

    Ha ha...two years is a very long tease indeed! Thanks for coming back to this thread Jim...was reminded that I was curious to know how the 45mm position worked out for you.
  15. Brassneck

    How rare is a 1978 XS650E standard?

    Thanks!! I'll see if I can find some more recent pics. :)
  16. Brassneck

    How rare is a 1978 XS650E standard?

    My first XS was a '78 standard...wish I never sold it. Hard to find in my neck of the woods these days...more common are the specials.
  17. Brassneck

    Jim's Speed Twin Build

    I wonder if anyone makes an adjustable sprocket for the XS cam? I assume so, but never looked.
  18. Brassneck

    Anyone else thinking of finding, buying an electric bike?

    Funny, I am in the "Would like to have an e-motorcycle" camp, but can't justify the cost of buying one. However, I wouldn't mind building my own. I have a small Honda SL175 rolling frame that would be good for the project, I think... and I've spent a few weeks trying to understand the...
  19. Brassneck

    Beach cruiser build

    Ditto on the boards...really beautiful work! But same with the bike-- It looks great too!