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  1. hovel

    Another Oil Thread

    You have to use re-phased oil, nothing else will work.
  2. hovel

    Painting Tins. No really...

    What comes to mind is that there are a lot of younger folks out there who, beyond brand recognition, cannot read cursive.
  3. hovel

    Thoughts On This Welcomed Dreaded Carbon

    Yep, the old "water tune up" trick, been around for ages. As Gary noted, the application has to be mist-like and you gotta rpm the livin' daylights out of it.
  4. hovel

    RIP Robbie Robertson

    Yet another "day the music died". I am fortunate to have some of his recorded music. The market may get a little crazy for a while just like it did when Jeff Beck passed away.
  5. hovel


    Just pay more attention to the tach.
  6. hovel

    Thoughts On This Welcomed Dreaded Carbon

    ......and run it harder.
  7. hovel

    Barber’s Vintage Festival

    I've been going since '08. Yes, many changes. No more century race, fewer vendors, Backus and the Mo'cycle Classics folks don't show up any more, the list goes on. VJMC usually has a good showing. Last year they had a "sounds of Jap horsepower" ( or something ) contest that was pathetic, really...
  8. hovel

    I surrender

    Amen brother. No two cylinders are exactly the same, no two carbs are exactly the same. I really like separate adjustable throttle cables as well as the points. Synchronizing points/timing and carburetors is only the starting point. Find that sweet spot and the vibration doesn't always go away...
  9. hovel

    Free - Parts

    I have it. I just took off some stuff I didn't like or need.
  10. hovel

    Free - Parts

    FREE ! parts off the bike pictured, an 8K mile '74 TX 650A synonym brown ( laff ) that spent most of its life indoors. Mufflers, turn signals (actually (2) sets ) RH mirror, tail light ( no bracket ) , crankcase vent hoses and reflectors, all about as nice as the rest of the bike. Individual...
  11. hovel

    XS 650 B Tappet Adjustment

    Yep, and a little bit of valve noise even with a hot engine is pretty much normal.
  12. hovel

    An eerie coincidence

    On a long sweeping curve like that, at speed, take one hand off the handlebars. You'll learn about countersteer in a hurry.
  13. hovel

    Battery load tester

    I've had a heavy duty load tester for years and some times it has proven invaluable. Sure you can take a battery somewhere to have it tested, but not at 10:00 at night.
  14. hovel

    Looking for ideas regarding possible over-revved XS

    A mechanics stethoscope is not expensive and I think you'll like it a lot better than a steel rod. You'll end up using it on a lot of things.
  15. hovel

    Motorcycle Racing Then & Now

    Don Emde's "Speed Kings" chronicles motorcycle racing from the very beginning. Pricey ? maybe, but worth every penny.
  16. hovel

    Fork Lower “Brushed” Look

    I like to finish the process with the white 0000 scotch-brite.
  17. hovel

    Can't get bike to go past 140km/h, 1979 xs650SE

    I've owned (3) 650's and on each one, 6K in 5th gear is 160kph. I'm 5'-10" and weigh 170. My '70 XS got there the quickest.
  18. hovel

    BARBER !

    A buddy and I are gonna stumble through the museum on Thursday and will take in all we can of the festival Friday and Saturday. I'm looking forward to VJMC "pipe racing" on Friday afternoon.
  19. hovel

    Vintage style bobber build

    I've never understood why anyone would want to shift a motorcycle with their heel. It baffles me.
  20. hovel

    Rear wheel removal

    Place a long straight rod through the hole in the right end of the axle and turn/rotate the axle. When the axle will turn, then hit the threaded end. Protect the threads as best you can, like with a block of wood in addition to the nut in place. A good solid rubber or rawhide mallet should be...