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  1. willis

    Oh, Lordy...I've become one of THEM

    Tinnitus here too. I’m in the same boat as Tebo (rock, race cars, dumb kid stuff) it’s a constant ring in my head. I turn 49 in a few weeks and am considering hearing aids. Not just because of tinnitus, but I am becoming very hard of hearing. I’m not thrilled about it, but getting tired of...
  2. willis

    The new life of a 72' XS II - Build thread

    I always liked this rendition. Not sure who made it, I just found on the interwebs.
  3. willis

    Bar end signals ? Thoughts!

    Yes, custom chromed high pipes. Fellow resident Halfmile made them and I bought from him.
  4. willis

    Bar end signals ? Thoughts!

    Here’s an alternate option. Make small brackets and mount on the bottom triple clamp pinch bolts. MotoLana makes a nice set, but they are easily home made too. Do t remember where I got the lights.
  5. willis

    Look'n for....

    For what it's worth, I refuse to use the Friends and Family option with paypal unless i know the vendor is upstanding. I'll opt to pay the extra fees if needed to add the extra security of the Paypal guarantees. Nothing is guaranteed these days, but that extra level of protection makes me feel...
  6. willis

    Looking for a shop

    @LonePineBrian Hope this helps. Sorry i took so long to post it.
  7. willis

    Looking for a shop

  8. willis

    Carburetor Rebuilding - Oldskoolcarbs

    Rick has done two sets for me. Outstanding work. Glad you are still at it Rick! I know you've had some hurdles recently.
  9. willis

    Looking for a shop

    I think I may have a NOS Newtronic ignition system in storage. Pretty sure it has the wiring directions that i could copy for you if needed.
  10. willis

    Xs tank decals

    Good spot there Eagle Eye!
  11. willis

    Xs tank decals

    Didn't the XS500 also have similar tank to the 75 650? Not sure if there are mounting differences.
  12. willis

    What have you done to your XS today?

    I don't buy into the nitrogen for my tires. Another way for them to squeeze a few more nickels out of my cheap ass. Good 'ol O2 been working just fine for many years.
  13. willis

    Front wheel hub direction

    I made the swap on my '77. Mine was out of necessity though as a rotor bolt bottomed out and snapped off. Despite many attempts to remove it I resorted to switching the caliper and rotor to the left. But in my case I am not running a speedo. But as mentioned you should still be able to run...
  14. willis

    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    What do you call a fish with no eyes?? FSHHHH Courtesy of my 12yr old son...
  15. willis

    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    Reminds me of a funny personal story. About 20 years or so ago 3 buddies and I rode to a chopper show in NC. “The Smoke Out”. One of my buddies was riding a borrowed hard tail with an open primary. His pant leg got sucked in and ripped his pants up to his knee. Lucky for him he had lineman...
  16. willis

    1975 Front Brake Confusion - SS brake line and the rigid piece at the caliper

    I did a write up of my experience on my '75 HERE. The difference for me is I was trying to keep it looking original so I used a two piece braided line with the splitter in the middle and a brake light switch. I also re-used the steel line on the caliper. Just an option of another way to go. Be...
  17. willis

    XS650 Adventure Bike?

    A couple before I changed tires. Pipes were made by member Halfmile and I scored them when he parted out his tracker. Bike now sports a ‘75 tank.
  18. willis

    XS650 Adventure Bike?

    Never ridden on them. Stagnant project.
  19. willis

    XS650 Adventure Bike?

    Duro HF307. Stock 19/18 wheels. A cheap option.
  20. willis

    Gasket removal.

    :agree: What he said