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  1. Adamc


    Hello Jim, A liitle Van-Go inspiration to get you back on track
  2. Adamc

    Flummoxed! XS650SK Front Fork Alignment.

    For carpentry work I still use my Dads old spirit levels (and other tools), they are decades old but accurate and reliable. I have a few various modern levels but for accuracy dads do the job. I fit expensive wardrobes and media wall systems (typically £10k+ for a 6 door robe) so precision is...
  3. Adamc

    Right now I'm listening to...

    That’s better than I expected 👍
  4. Adamc

    Right now I'm listening to...

    No vid Marty?
  5. Adamc

    '68 BSA Victor Build..... Bloody 'el mate... You 'effin daft or sommat?!?

    Good old British Midlands engineering for you…… As one Brummie mechanic said to another over a cup of tea during a weekly work strike ‘Fookin’ ‘ell Eddie if it goes oop an‘ down the bloody tube it’s good by me‘ And so the birth (demise) of British Industry precision was born.
  6. Adamc

    Just out of curiosity - Airplane Guys

    Well it’s no Harrier Jump Jet………. 😂
  7. Adamc

    Whats your weather right now?

    Cardiff has turned into Manchester where it fu*kin’ rains constantly. Today I put both Taffy and The Brat on SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice), a legal requirement in Blighty so I don’t have to pay Road Tax over winter. If I get caught using the bikes by the Plod (Police) under SORN it’s a fine...
  8. Adamc

    Buzzy's revival: '82 Heritage Special

    Nice one Boog, good to have you back Firing on two cylinder!
  9. Adamc

    Right now I'm listening to...

    I Have not head that for ages; a great version too.
  10. Adamc

    '68 BSA Victor Build..... Bloody 'el mate... You 'effin daft or sommat?!?

    Hey @Jim I know you had a bit on your plate of late; I just wondered whats the latest on this project? Ads.
  11. Adamc

    Buying a classic 1972 XS650 with high mileage

    A well restored machine with an engine rebuild; no brainier just buy it. Milage is irrelevant. A low milage shagged bike is a liability. A well maintained / restored bike would be a pleasure to own.
  12. Adamc

    Blue or black? (Repainting tins)

    Blimey, after reading through all these opinions I’m more confused than post #1. Best do what you want really.
  13. Adamc

    Blue or black? (Repainting tins)

    I love restored machines when done at a high show level. A good looking rider, on the other hand, is more than acceptable done well to your own taste.
  14. Adamc

    Right now I'm listening to...

    LOS PACAMINOS. A second live outing at the Acapela Studio. Paul Young features in this band (ex singer with Q-TIPS) and a solo artist. A superb live act and well worth watching.
  15. Adamc

    Electric Vehicles, Hybrids...Battery tech... Land Air and Sea. Let's See 'em.

    SOME INTERESTING OBSERVATIONS OF EV'S FROM AUS. Lots more of EV info on this site.
  16. Adamc

    Broken valve

    Shame we didn't get a full post on the engine rebuild. Nice work however and the finish on the motor looks great.
  17. Adamc

    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    ANOTHER BMW CREATION More here: Not always a fan of these air-cooled BMW being...
  18. Adamc

    Let's See The XS's

    Yes Raymond, a few weird things on that machine but its his bike I suppose. Also some beautifully crafted elements too. I would prefer a normal gear change / clutch lever assembly; but I like the hydraulic activation tho' The arse wiping gear-change 'motion' ('scuse the pun) is not a great or...
  19. Adamc

    Tyre / Tire Size

    Hi @Flyingspanner I run 18 / 18 front and rear using Pirelli MT90 (MT60) SCORPION ST FRONT 100/90-18 REAR 140/80-18 They are available in 18'' & 19'' sizes They grip well in all weathers and are great on and off road. Try here...
  20. Adamc

    Let's See The XS's