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  1. wesleyonoel

    High Idle: can slow with hand

    5twins is probably correct with his diagnosis. But if you can manually return to proper idle level by applying pressure to throttle shafts at the idle screw location, it could also be a throttle cable problem. Make sure internal cable(s) are not frayed inside housing(s). The cables for my '73TX...
  2. wesleyonoel

    I get SO tired...

    Would have been a gold mine to me many years ago. You see, most tires for my Indian Scout were selected from such an accumulation. Most (all?) were "may-pops" but better than nothing........until they did pop.......Hang On!........
  3. wesleyonoel

    Bike runs fine on center stand but dies on side stand

    Might try a brief shot of ether (carb cleaner will work too) in the intake when engine is trying to die. That will narrow the problem to fuel.....
  4. wesleyonoel

    Tire Balancing

    What about balancing beads? Pros/cons?
  5. wesleyonoel

    '70 or '71 XS-1B?

    Am currently in Ventura County. You might be able to slip in a ride on occasion but weather hasn't been all that cooperative lately. Lots of rain - snow in surrounding mountains. Local newspaper indicates over 24" thus far for the season. Easily twice "normal" rainfall level. Good news is local...
  6. wesleyonoel

    For Sale - 1970 XS1 SOLD

    My vote is to increase garage size - keep them both! Bitchin' bikes!...........................
  7. wesleyonoel

    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    Late 50's had a second-hand Prop-Rod (of sorts) car, . Same idea as a control line model airplane but ground based. DAD tethered it to a solid iron block on a piece of fishing line IIRC? Attached a dry cell battery to the glow plug, spun the prop (WenMac?), engine fired and put the car on the...
  8. wesleyonoel

    For Sale - 1970 XS1 SOLD

    What a beauty! And it helps answer a question about my '73 TX. Clutch cable routing is where that of my TX "wants" to go. Tried between the carburetors but is most comfortable on the outside of the left carburetor as in your photos............Wesley
  9. wesleyonoel

    Hand throttle control

    Might have a look at the throttle cable(s) too. Frayed cables have a profound influence on throttle operation...............
  10. wesleyonoel

    Harness Sling

    Got it! Just didn't seem right to have the clutch cable "exposed" on the outside of the carburetor. Can still operate the "choke" lever nearby but would be much better positioned between carburetors. Makes sense.............thanks.
  11. wesleyonoel

    Harness Sling

    Nice "fix". But you also might have clarified another "beneath-the-tank" question - clutch cable routing. Just replaced the cable on my '73TX which had been routed on the left side of the frame mid-rib. In order to alleviate cable cramping at side cover entrance, best position was on the outside...
  12. wesleyonoel

    '73 TX throttle cable

    Cables have been installed. Bend in metal elbows from throttle grip are tighter but don't seem to be a problem. Lubricated with 90W gear oil prior to installation. Nice to have a properly functioning throttle once again. Might have a bit of a cable routing problem as idle increases when...
  13. wesleyonoel

    '73 TX throttle cable

    Got it! Scooter has been housed inside my shop for many years but appears to have had a fairly rough life B4 entering my orbit. No evidence of corrosion or rust but am not ruling that out. Will give replacements a good lubrication prior to installation. Thank you once again!.................Wesley
  14. wesleyonoel

    '73 TX throttle cable

    gggGary Thank you for the reply. Probably will purchase more than one set as well - good to have spares. These are OEM cables so figure nearly 50 years in service is a fair life. Odometer shows around 19K miles so might make sense?.....
  15. wesleyonoel

    '73 TX throttle cable

    Found frayed throttle cables today. Source of "hanging idle" problem. Soliciting suggestions for replacement. Bone stock 1973 TX 650, housings are grey in color, twin cables, stock handlebars and throttle mechanism, original carburetors as is the rest of the motorcycle. Anyone with experience to...
  16. wesleyonoel

    Rear tyre on a '70 to '73 bike ?

    Just installed a 110/90 X 18 Durotour tire on the rear of my '73 TX. Was a bit concerned as width measured a bit wider than original 4.00X18 tire but it fit well..
  17. wesleyonoel

    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    Looks to be a 1930 Henderson Model KJ Streamliner............40 H.P. inline 4 cylinder..........
  18. wesleyonoel

    Harbor Freight. Grrrr....

    ...........could empty the bucket on the floor for them to look at?...............
  19. wesleyonoel

    Misfiring loss of please .

    Don't completely discount the carburetors. A little squirt of starting fluid (ether) here-n'-there with engine running will identify an air leak which can lead to a lean condition and backfiring. My '73 TX has a habit of occasionally "sneezing" the right carburetor out of it's connection to the...
  20. wesleyonoel

    Sold / Found / Inactive - 1972 XS2 XS650 SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Surprised at the surprise from Surprise, AZ..............Best wishes with the sale...........