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  1. XS650RR

    For Sale - XS Hydraulic Clutch Kit/Engine Cover

    Still available ??
  2. XS650RR

    Wanted - Dellorto Carbs

    Looking for a set of Dellorto carbs for my XS project, please let me know should anyone have something available ... Cheers .. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. XS650RR

    For Sale - A Brand New Set of 35mm Keihin CR carbs

    A brand new set of 35mm Keihin CR carbs for a Yamaha XS650. These were ordered for a project that went in another direction. These would make a fantastic addition to your cafe, street tracker or vintage race bike. I will include the brand new aluminum manifolds and rubber mounting hardware as...
  4. XS650RR

    Trade - Mikes xs performance carbs

    Robert if you are looking to sell them ... give me a shout.
  5. XS650RR

    Trade - Mikes xs performance carbs

    WOW ... great deal for someone ..!!
  6. XS650RR

    CDI Racing Unit

    The system I'm asking about (see the link) is for the XS650 .....:umm:
  7. XS650RR

    CDI Racing Unit

    Anyone familiar with this company out of the UK ... :umm:
  8. XS650RR

    Wanted - Dellorto Carbs

    Hello all ... looking for a set of the Dellorto PHF36 carbs for my race bike. Should anyone be willing to part with a set please PM me .. Thanks ...:thumbsup:
  9. XS650RR

    New Rear End ...

    It should have said wheel ... my bad
  10. XS650RR

    New Rear End ...

    Just an update on the XS rebuild from last season.New wheel, brake and swingarm finally coming together. Caliper and master still to be mounted. I have also changed the front wheel from a 19" to 18".
  11. XS650RR

    jemco exhaust?

    I run the Jemco pipes on my bike ..... Luv them !!
  12. XS650RR

    Wanted - Dellorto Carbs ...

    Bump ....
  13. XS650RR

    Mike's XS

    Thanks guys .... just got a response from XS-Direct.
  14. XS650RR

    Mike's XS

    Is Mike's XS still in business ??. I have sent multiple emails enquiring about items and have yet to hear back. This goes for both the American and Canadian sites ...:wtf:
  15. XS650RR

    Canada Admits - Alien Technology Operated by the USA

    I second that ...:thumbsup:
  16. XS650RR

    New Wheels / Swingarm

    Finally got the new swingarm and wheels installed .....
  17. XS650RR

    identify these wheels

    I wouldn't worry about the sprocket size, depending on his application maybe it was required. However both wheels look correct and in very nice shape for their age.
  18. XS650RR

    For Sale - 72 XS650 ...

    I came across this beauty on kijiji Ontario (Canada) .... Only 7K on the clock ...:yikes:
  19. XS650RR

    Extremely Rare Suzuki Sport Bike For Sale On craigslist

    Nothing like a good chuckle ....