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  1. JesseeS

    JesseeS Build Thread

    Well folks, Its me! Oh yes, still alive. Had to step away and address some home and work issues. Things are now starting to find their level, so I am back. Things that have happened with the bike, NOTHING! surprise surprise. Well, that's not entirely true. I did order my M unit, My Motogadget...
  2. JesseeS


    Not to mention the distance between some of the big items offering on
  3. JesseeS

    Painting Tins. No really...

    You’re right. Very simple, but it makes it pop. Just enough to grab your eye. Looks great!
  4. JesseeS

    For Sale - Misc items for sale

    Niantic is about 40 min from me, but if you take 395 to head home you’ll pass by me and I’m about 5-10 min off 395. I will put on of the shifters and the front wheel off to the side for you. If I recall correctly they are off of my 81
  5. JesseeS

    Has Harley just built the ultimate retro Harley?

    I’d absolutely love that, but there’s a zero chance I’d ever pay what they’ll ask for it
  6. JesseeS

    For Sale - Misc items for sale

    Hey guys. I’m trying to clear out my garage of parts I don’t need to try and make a little headway on the build. Everything is make offer and I’m definitely not offering up gold here. If you are interested in bigger/heavier items I can work on getting a shipping quote. I’d rather not ship the...
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    Hey Ads, No update as of late. Life has gotten seemingly more complicated and not sure when it shall clear up. That said, I was hoping to maybe get enough coin together this summer to get the wiring speedo and m unit ordered and wired up. That way I can just walk up and start it when I need a...
  8. JesseeS

    What speedo do I have

    That’s exactly why the 75s are the best. 140mph is cruising speed
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    Glad to hear it!
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    Ads, we’re all pals here. You can drop the act. We know you’re letting it not fit and messing with the wiring so you can justify purchasing the Vape system. We support you. Hah! Hope you get this sorted soon!
  11. JesseeS

    To 750 or not to 750?

    I installed a 750 kit in my bike. While the bike is still being built, ive had the motor running in the bike. I have not ridden the bike yet. On the side side and while revving it appears the bike actually vibrates less. Meaning while on the side stand its not dancing as much as compared to 650...
  12. JesseeS

    Consensus---Best Year

    1st choice: 1975 2nd choice: another 1975 for good measure
  13. JesseeS

    Need ANSWERS Super Sleuths!

    $200?! Hell Gary I’ll give you the money damn
  14. JesseeS

    Sold the Tiger

    Yes the FCR is supposed to be great, unfortunately never got to go that route. Bob, if you think that’s nuts check out the KTM 690. It rocked my world haha
  15. JesseeS

    Sold the Tiger

    I think I’ve had about 3 DRZs in the past. AMAZING bike. Are you trying to keep it “stockish” or are you ready for the rabbit hole that is modifying this bike. You have the exhaust, not sure if it has been done or you’ve done it but do the 3x3 mod and rejet. Really makes a difference. If you end...
  16. JesseeS

    Drive it or worship it: Good Tire Advice

    I had Shinko 712s on mine. They road fine. Nothing impressive but nothing bad that stood out. Just a good tire. As for the dilemma I’d just ride it. While a very clean low mileage example, I don’t think you’re going to get any significant money. Depending on time or year and market you could...
  17. JesseeS

    For Sale - Wanted to buy, throttle shafts for BS34s or just left side shaft.

    Have you checked with @DogBunny ? It’s come to the point whenever I’m looking for something before I start searching and scouring I just message him and see if he has it. If he doesn’t, I know I’m in for the hunt haha
  18. JesseeS

    “Garage built, shed built”... stable built!

    Now that’s a gorgeous piece. Good stuff!
  19. JesseeS

    What book are you reading right now?

    Common Sense by Thomas Paine
  20. JesseeS

    What have you done to your XS today?

    Guess I won’t be using the Magura clutch lever anytime soon