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  1. rustynail99

    Fitting a rear fender issues

    haha! yea, im the same. plan on takin a little someone occasionally! but even with the two mine doesnt move at all. but three is always better :) good luck and keep us posted!
  2. rustynail99

    Fitting a rear fender issues

    that all seems pretty sturdy to me! 3 points of contact and support is certainly the best! im only using the bottom and then struts, but i wish i could do 3 but everything i could come up with just looked ugly or something was in the damn way! lol and yea, i also plan on using small rubber piece...
  3. rustynail99

    Fitting a rear fender issues

    yea, that gap is normal. it is much more common to get a fender to fit your wheel, not the frame. there is about an inch on both sides of my fender. but i suppose if you wanted it to touch the frame you would need a 10" but be cafeful gettin it too close or else when it is painted the paint...
  4. rustynail99

    Fitting a rear fender issues

    Sorry, just to clarify are you saying you want the fender to touch the frame on both sides? Or to fit right with a 200 tire or both? I would think if you want it to touch on both sides you would need a10" wide outer width fender for a 10" wide frame inner width.
  5. rustynail99


    I agree that gordon is the best when it comes to customer service! He put up with my dumb questions and made me custom fit pipes! And the pipes are amazing as well! Gordon, you spoofs really start advertising straight drags like you made for me :) ill gladly send pics from my build for the...
  6. rustynail99

    Forward controls

    Hey, i made my own too, they are zoomed in on the second picture down. if you would like i can try and post some different pictures and how i did mine. they were a pain in the ass to make though and required the use of a lathe. :D hope that helps...
  7. rustynail99

    does a spring seat make a rigid comfortable?

    you can run drag bars if the bike is set-up right to run them confortably. i have them on my harley and i put a few thousand on at a time very comfortably. my XS project has forwards and drags too, and i set it up to sit just about the same as my harley. all about ergonomics is right, and the...
  8. rustynail99

    forks and mounting tank issue

    also BEFORE you final mount your tank, you need to get your front end squared away with the bars and risers you will use and check your clearances. make sure nothing is hitting the tank when you turn your bars all the way in each directions. and make sure to leave a little room for the...
  9. rustynail99

    forks and mounting tank issue

    Harleys vibrate! at least mine does! but mine is also 20 years old back when they solid mounted the motors ;) but i wouldnt have it any other way! as far as your issue with the tank there are many different mounting solutions. i just drilled a hole through my frame gussett on the front and put...
  10. rustynail99

    What are you using for a kickstand on your bobber?

    I'm going to be using the tc bros one. Its nice and clean, simple. And a good price. Looked at other options including modifying the stock one but I think that one is the best bet. If its just the chrome that has you hung up, just paint it ;) sorry I couldn't have been more help :/
  11. rustynail99

    650Central Rant

    yea... i think the OP is the only one that has ever had a problem with mike and 650central... oh well, cant please everyone i suppose... and yes missing out on a $100 dollar sale is no good, but most of us (i have given about $700 to MMM) have spent much more with him and he has been great when...
  12. rustynail99

    Rusty's build thread!

    alright boys and girls! finally graduated from college this past saturday! so that means its time to get back in the shop and try and finish this damn thing! BigJimmy hass been keepin on me and now its finally time to get back to it! yesterday i got the rear exhaust mounts ready to go, and the...
  13. rustynail99

    Trying to gauge interest in an XS650 shirt design

    i kinda dig the shirt design, especially the "i built mine" part. very kool
  14. rustynail99

    My first build is about 90% done

    teebs, i thought the exact same thing with the black risers and breakin it up... wow... thinking like teebs... thats freakin scary! lol ;) kick ass bike btw! its looking good!!!
  15. rustynail99

    My '79 basket case build

    hey teebs, are you still planning on doing a springer front end, and if so, are you planning to make it? i would love to see how that would turn out! im sure it would be wicked! :D
  16. rustynail99

    New toy - 2004 Buell XB12R Firebolt

    yea i would have to agree, i love the look of chopped and bobbed buells, but you already have a few of those style bikes. streetfighter is always a kool way to go, or maybe a rolland sands type custom job would be sick! look up some of his stuff its pretty sick and this would be a good bike to...
  17. rustynail99

    My '79 basket case build

    ya thats right! funny like a clown! where is your red nose and big shoes! do they make foot controls long enough to get your big clown feet under! or is that why you have to make your own huh? i get it, your just an insecure clown eh, just clownin around... fuckin clowns! do you get your silly...
  18. rustynail99

    My '79 basket case build

    hey teebs, i was takin a break at 2:30am my time from preparing a final presentation for my senior history class (its a pretty big freakin deal!) and figured i would check out what was going on in the 650 world. your thread was at the top and i just found the cable posts! it was exactly what i...
  19. rustynail99

    Rusty's build thread!

    Hooligan- all i did was take pieces of threaded rod and bent them at 90 degrees then put on end through the rear motor mounts and the other through the engine stand, with nuts on the end to keep it on there. i did have to rotate the motor mount 45 degrees and drill a new hole through the round...
  20. rustynail99

    Rusty's build thread!

    Hey dusty, thinking about doing speedholes in the spokes but I'm gonna hold off on that for now. TEEBS! Missed ya brother! I have been checkin in on your build while ive been away, its looking sick! Your round bar work is awesome. When I get the bike done and on the road I want to start making...