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  1. yellowdog

    Forks ears 72

    Good morning ,can anyone tell me if this is correct please ,it's the rubber ring in question does it go here or on top of the ears doesn't look quite right in this position .Partzilla says it's right. Thanks .
  2. yellowdog

    Re mapped XS650 successfully !

    Road maps of the UK produced by the Auotomobile Association and the Royal automobile club Just about every car owner in the UK had one in their glove box. Now it's all sat navs and phones
  3. yellowdog

    Paint in the UK

    Hi ,I've just had some yamaha mandarin paint put in an aerosol for me from a place called paint 4u in ne lincs , not sure if they are nation wide but they do mail order ,the guy was very surprised when he put a search in on his colour machine and it came back with 1972 xs650 orange .
  4. yellowdog

    Paint in the UK

    Nice paint ,any idea how the pinstripes were done ,ie painted or vinyl ?
  5. yellowdog


    OK thanks, that's a lovely job you've done .
  6. yellowdog


    Thank you ,very quick👍 Is there a similar off the shelf match ?
  7. yellowdog


    Hi ,can anyone tell me what this paint job is called pls ,its not candy orange more a goldy orange ,thx
  8. yellowdog

    Paint in the UK

    I painted my 72 in Citroën wicked red , closest colour I could find . I think you would struggle to get an exact match so go with the closest you can get.
  9. yellowdog

    Happy Pancake Day to all our readers

    These days 6 is about my limit ,I like pancakes so don't know why we don't eat them all year round .
  10. yellowdog


    Hi ,hope your all having a good Monday I've just put the battery back in after having it off to charge over winter it's fully charged and starting the bike really well However when I closed the seat there are sparks coming from the seat catch of all places,it never did it before ,could It be...
  11. yellowdog


    I've still got the Agv Ago helmet I bought 2nd hand in 1975,alas it is now only the shell that's left the padding disintegrated many years ago ,I've kept it for sentimental reasons as it was the first full face I owned. That's it in the photo after its 2nd repaint .
  12. yellowdog

    Wealth beyond my wildest dreams

    Fuel here in the UK is £1.42 a litre at the moment or 6.39 a gallon or $8.09 us dollars a gallon .And that's now its gone down a little !
  13. yellowdog

    Xs2 handlebars.

    Could any of you xs2 owners please tell me which of these handlebars are correct for a 72.I prefer the taller bars but not sure now if they are correct or not ,the new to me bike has lower bars with a rise of about 4 " width is 29 ". I've looked at lots of photos but it's hard to tell which...
  14. yellowdog

    Removing a cross threaded front caliper bleed nipple?

    Before I managed to free the "stuck" pistons in my front caliper I was considering buying a replacement, the only ones I could find on ebay were in a worse state than the one I've got,new ones are available from Yambits for £109 including pads and pistons as a last resort.
  15. yellowdog

    New owner of XS650 (UK)

    Hi ,I'm on my second xs2 restoration at the moment ,just managed to get the brake pistons out last weekend they were really stuck ,bit too cold for me to spend much time in the garage so it's going to take a while .I'm in Lincolnshire BTW.
  16. yellowdog

    Brake piston

    Update ,doing what 5 twins said worked a treat ,both pistons out now ,I'm hoping I can reuse them as they look in good condition to me ,the caliper is a bit manky though any suggestions as what to use to clean them up especially the inside around the seals . Thanks everyone.
  17. yellowdog

    Brake piston

    72 twin piston Thankyou ,sounds obvious now I'll give it a go tomorrow.
  18. yellowdog

    Brake piston

  19. yellowdog

    Brake piston

    To add I'm using the brake lever to move the fluid .