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  1. yas3forever

    Should I buy a tx 750

    Only final year having factory fitted upgrade, So I would not consider previous years because dealership upgrade could have been badly done …
  2. yas3forever

    Some polishing tips.

    Hi, Do you have a solution for to get a mirror polishing but get the brushed as origoinal finish ? Thanks .
  3. yas3forever

    What riding gear do you wear?

    Arai jet, genuine Barbour A7 wax jacket or vintage French brand Motocuir leather Jacket, a jean, French Soubirac Bol d’Or vintage boots (from early 70’s) and Lewis Leathers gloves in summer (not riding in winter, only 3 month in Southern France…)
  4. yas3forever

    Pierced float..

    Have you ever seen such a thing ? Float from a 71 XS1B. Any reason for it to happen ? Thanks for your comments.
  5. yas3forever

    Gofast Innovations JIS screwdriver and impact driver set Giveaway (ends 1/21/22)

    So this way I will be able to compare with the Vessel JIS impacta screwdrivers set of a friend of mine …
  6. yas3forever

    2021 XS650 Calendar Proof and Pre-Sale Link

    Ordered, question why did you cut my head ? I know Frenchies are known as King head cutter, but do I deserve the same :laughing: ... Not having an over developed ego but why depriving ohers of my helmet XS2 lookalike design ... :D
  7. yas3forever

    2021 XS650 Calendar VOTE HERE!

    So ending # 13 of the poll return luck to me, could be at least in the calendar ...
  8. yas3forever

    2021 XS650 calendar *OFFICIAL* Thread - PHASE 1: Nominations - Through Sept 13!

    oem exhaust as spare parts, but yes not the original delivered in 72 ... So partially cheating ...;)
  9. yas3forever

    2021 XS650 calendar *OFFICIAL* Thread - PHASE 1: Nominations - Through Sept 13!

    Thank you, not a restoration original condition ;) ...
  10. yas3forever

    2021 XS650 calendar *OFFICIAL* Thread - PHASE 1: Nominations - Through Sept 13!

    Mine (Philippe Rémy) is an US model imported to France, trying to keep it in best posssible shape in respect of her origin ... ,
  11. yas3forever

    For Sale - NOS Left mirror NEW NOS for XS1 XS2

    Hello, Is your mirror still available ? Philippe from France.
  12. yas3forever

    Weird feeling on XS2 clutch...

    How did you cure it ?
  13. yas3forever

    Weird feeling on XS2 clutch...

    Thanks for the advice ...
  14. yas3forever

    Hi from new member

    Rust free state ...
  15. yas3forever

    Early model 70-71 instrument rebuild/rejuvenation

    The trickiest ones are XS2, not obvious to remove clocks covers, on the XS1 & XS1B the glass are screwed with a hard black plastic ring on glasses egdes, a light heating of black rings should help to unscrew the glasses, real issue could be day meter knob ... Sure of this because I owned a XS1 a...
  16. yas3forever

    Hi from new member

    Picture were shooted in Eastern France, not far from Germany, a kind of French Canada ! Since, a month ago I moved to a town called Montpellier on the Mediterranean sea shore ...
  17. yas3forever

    Hi from new member

    Yes they are, the red RS 125 is my "courtesy bike" for friends passing by ...
  18. yas3forever

    XS2 caliper

    On early 2 pistons calipers you need to split it apart and blow air in each caliper half shell, if you blow air in assembled caliper when first piston will be gone all air pressure will go through open side and pressure will no more push the remaining piston...
  19. yas3forever

    Weird feeling on XS2 clutch...

    On 1st gear the clutch return a stange feeling when starting to roll, it's like a spring unwinding feeling when the clutch finish to slip and engage fully ... Any comments. Thanks.
  20. yas3forever

    Hi from new member

    Located in France, proud owner of 3 Yamaha collectors, 75 RS 125, 71 YAS3 125, 72 XS2. All in perfect conditions...