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    2023 XS650 Calendar Proof & Sale Link

    Some real beauties this year!
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    2023 XS650 Calendar - Nominations

    I accept - thank you!
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    XS650 Craigslist postings depository

    Nice looking Cafe near Portland
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    Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

    Triumph X-75 Hurricane. Check that exhaust!
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    Let's See The XS's

    Joined the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride today in Bend, Oregon... note the bowtie :D
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    NEW PRODUCT ALERT! XS650 Lexan Window Kits (Valves, Ignition, Advance)

    Cool product - I appreciate any innovation happening for these old bikes!
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    Exhaust sale

    Wow - they claim 10HP boost with their 2 into 1?! Did you notice a performance difference?
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    Make Offer - Custom Parts More Stuff

    Such cool parts... What's the story with the chrome reservoir shocks? And price on the headlight, please?