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    Low buck build- #2

    I did see yours. I'm going for the other style Bratstle uses. I plan to make a fiberglass pan. I did purchase a 4' brake and a slip roll this Summer so I might see if I can make a metal pan. The old fella at Tandy showed me some different types of lace. Kangaroo s nice, but at nearly a $1 a...
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    Low buck build- #2

    Started making mounts out of 1/4" steel. Oh fun. I went to the local Tandy Leather and bought a swivel knife. I have half a hide and I think I'm gong to try and do my own seat. I first traced out the image on my computer screen. I flipped the piece of paper around and rubbed lead all over...
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    For Sale - SOLD 1981 project W/ Title

    Interested n selling the Pamco/PMA?
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    Harbor Freight Tube Roller- Reviews, Mods, Info. Only if you get these dies.
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    1 inch front master single disc
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    1 inch front master single disc

    Let me know if you find any small, low profile levers for cheap. Otherwise I'm taking a saw and a file to the stock HD lever.
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    Lower Triple clamp...polished?

    You can polish steel. I plan to do it. Just give it a coat of lacquer when you are done. The poor man's chrome!
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    Wanted - 35mm trees and stem

    I have the top tree off my '81 I'm not using. Not sure if it is teh right thing. The bottom tree got cut up for the Harley steerer.
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    Low buck build- #2

    I went to a swap meet today in St. Paul. It was mostly "American" parts. I found an old school Arco 16x500 rear tire on a rim for super cheap. I also found some cheap slash cut pipe and an oldball mid shifter control.
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    Harbor Freight Tube Roller- Reviews, Mods, Info.

    That is a bender. Not a tube bender. Not a pipe bender. It's for doing flat iron scroll work or bending bar.
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    how to calculate/measure? hardtail.

    Wonderful post, and I think the could turn into a REALLY great thread. There are plenty of talented people on here. How hard would it be for someone to make images or a program that would show what different measurements would look like? It would be awesome to have a general idea without...
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    The new guy

    Welcome! This place is wonderful! Take advantage of the Topics and Tech Sections on here. There's a wealth of knowledge here. Some amazing people!
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    My Tube Bender - Fully Hydraulic - Pro Tools 105 HD

    I picked up a Pro Tools 105 tube bender with three dies sets. 1" with a 3" radius 240* bend, 1 3/4" (roll cage size) with a 6" radius 120* bend and 1 5/8" with a 6" radius 120* bend. It also has the base, degree wheel and stop, but it missing the bender arm. I picked it up for $785. I'm pretty...
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    Low buck build- #2

    That is a great looking bike! 21/21 looks great with these frames. There are only about five of the Bratsyle bikes that I like. 75% of their bikes are not my style. What I do appreciate is the fact that tey keep thempractical for the most part. They has turn signals. They have front brakes...
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    Low buck build- #2

    My repair stand ended up being a fancy old Sansui tube radio. My friend came and rescued it today. I had the bars TIG welded. I think I would have liked the sweep to be a little bit more, but for now it will do. I'm 90% done polishing the top tree, and I shaved the fender mounts on the left...
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    Which years had ball bearning and which years had needle bearings in the head tube?

    Take it to a bicycle shop. We have tool for pulling these.
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    Low buck build- #2

    I pulled the fork apart last night. I can not get the bolt out of the bottom of the right side leg. The damper rod is just spinning. I'm gonna have to figure something out. I cut 2" off the stock spring top and ground the top flat so it will fit nicely. I dug through some bins at work and...
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    Harbor Freight Tube Roller- Reviews, Mods, Info.

    Have you ad issues with your tubing curling when you roll it?
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    Harbor Freight Tube Roller- Reviews, Mods, Info.

    It's neat, but the HF frame is still junk. Why not build a whole new frame? I think they would sell.