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    72 XS2 rear 18" wheel on a hardtail question?

    Flash, Don't know how much further you've gotten on your project, but to answer one of your questions - yes you can just make a spacer. I've done just that on my project ride and it's working fine. I'm still finalizing the front end details, but I've ridden the jalopy quite a bit and it's safe.
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    For Sale - BARN FIND FJ1200 and FZ750

    That first picture hurts my heart... an FJ just like that was my first street bike. It almost killed me on the autobahn in Germany, but what a bike. Very tempted, but I've got 2 XS's to get on pavement first.
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    Make Offer - 1972 yamaha 650

    Details? Runs, clear title, everything works, burns oil/smokes?
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    Looking for shop in DFW to Austin area to install hardtail.

    Southern Metal Choppers is another I've heard good things about. Not been by there though.
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    Looking for shop in DFW to Austin area to install hardtail.

    Voodoo wont do it? You might try Limey or Deathtrap in Austin then...
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    Has anyone used Cognito moto

    You're both daft...griz and especially 650skull! Griz, lets first review your post and finish this, then agree to let the OP have a fair review of who does what and offers what without your unwarranted slant: First - Do you in fact have personal knowledge of where those filter elements are...
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    Has anyone used Cognito moto

    But you are all too willing to infer that there is something wrong with Cognito and suggest that they are a cut rate vendor, rather that just suggest the highlights of others. Bad form. What's more laughable is your taking exception to possibly offshore sourced components.... FOR A YAMAHA!!!
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    Has anyone used Cognito moto

    Seems to me Cognito qualifies as one of those small specialty shops, right? Also from experience Devin answered the phone when I called about an issue with the steering neck I ordered, offered knowledgeable advice on another part to work with my hybrid project - and took care of my return with...
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    UK Board Tracker Build Thread

    so, my bike is on its way to you Paul, all it needs is" all of the above"... just send me the bill
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    Let's See The XS's

    Gold rims look cool!
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    my thinga majig bike build

    Does it run? What do those pipes look like after a good warm up? Good looking though...
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    UK Board Tracker Build Thread

    Kind of a gunmetal on the frame and tank, chrome the rear fender...pretty much as it looks now but with a paint coating to stop rust. I think that would draw attention to the craftsmanship of the machine. I went to the hand-built motorcycle show again this year in Austin, TX and again was drawn...
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    VFD use running a 3 phase motor off single phase 220 power

    There is a forum called that has a special sub-forum just for VFD and RFC's. You can find all the answers you'll need there
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    100% homebuilt Swedish Tracker finished!!

    That Sir is nice work! The white with red stripes is a real standout, absolutely great choice
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    My scrambler

    Nice bike, that tank looks good. Good choice.
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    Ranger's 2016 xs650 chopoff build

    D*MN, no harm in asking
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    Ranger's 2016 xs650 chopoff build

    I like that alot... this guy wouldn't happen to be making more than 1 would he?
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    Yamaha's next concept bike

    Looks comfortable Not
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    The 2016, 2018, 2019 & 2022 Handbuilt Motorcycle show in Austin, TX

    Lot of bikes again this time... Saw this parked out front And then this one inside amongst the others... different for sure And a couple of ratty choppers were in a pick up in the side dirt lot, one being a xs650 - but I didn't get a pick. All in all a very good XS showing!
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    For Sale - 6-Piece Finned Valve/Points Covers

    Be a lot more cost effective to have those investment cast... a rubber mold for the wax patterns is cheap (<$750) and then the castings get cheap fast... Machining though, I wouldn't make them out of alu for less than $75 each unless you were talking about 25 pair or more.