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  1. Furious D

    "Scrambler" Sidecar build

    I have been away for a while. Soon after the last pic was taken I bolted the car back on and enjoyed the rest of the season riding the back roads. In late October it suffered carb and brake problems and was parked. Got everything sorted out this spring and rode the XS solo again for a few...
  2. Furious D

    Could use help finding dual sport tires.

    110/80-19 was the size I used. A little taller/wider than the OEM tire but it fit fine.
  3. Furious D

    How do YOU camp with the bike?

    Might be a little farther than you want to go but here is my setup. Used it a few times last year camping with my son. I carried a tent, sleeping bags and enough food for a couple days. Not shown in the pic is a big Pelican case that bolts the the sidecar rack and I made a small luggage rack...
  4. Furious D

    16 inch rear dual sport tires

    Bridgestone TW-40 . I have one on my bike . It wears well but is so-so in the rain.
  5. Furious D

    XS650 Skid Plate?

    I have one I made a while back but never got around to fabricating mounts. Judging by the lack of paint on the bottom of my frame I should get back on that project.
  6. Furious D

    Ninja EX500 carbs on an XS650?

    For now that's what I will do.It seems to want to slide back to the off position even with the spring removed .A small fiber washer might take care of that. I have an old choke cable off a an early 60's Chevy pickup that I might modify to work.
  7. Furious D

    Ninja EX500 carbs on an XS650?

    I had not thought about it until your post but since we both tend to ride our XS's off-road its a good point. I think I will run the vent tube up under the tank and use something like this, Its a filter for a fish tank bubbler. I have a few lying around but I would imagine they are cheap to buy...
  8. Furious D

    Ninja EX500 carbs on an XS650?

    Thanks , I must of missed that. A quick search on the net came back with 3 answers of 17mm and one of 19mm so I will go with 17. Still waiting on the throttle cable and I need to decide what to do about the choke and I am back in business.
  9. Furious D

    Ninja EX500 carbs on an XS650?

    My Ex-500 carbs arrived this morning . Still waiting a the throttle cable so I am going to go thru them and give them a quick cleaning before bolting them up. Whats the float height supposed to be ? They are off an 94 EX-500. Main jets are 132, I am running pods and Sportser mufflers. I...
  10. Furious D

    Wanted - WTB 18" spoked drum rear wheel

    Looking for an 18" rear spoked wheel for my 81 dual sport XS. Doesn't have to be perfect .
  11. Furious D

    Ninja EX500 carbs on an XS650?

    Great write-up Troop. I have a set of Ex carbs on the way and should be installing them by the end of the week. Your link to Amazon shows up as a speedo cable. I found the cable on on Ebay for just a few bucks more.
  12. Furious D

    Yamaha XJ550R

    Looks to be a 81 Seca. I looked at one last year that was in pretty good shape for $1000 . I passed on it because the carbs were a little funky and I hate trying to balance 4 carbs. I peg that one as a parts bike. You would have more in it getting it rideable than its worth.
  13. Furious D

    2015 Yamaha kick-only EFI equipped SR400 in the USA?

    Its a breath of fresh air in Yamaha's otherwise boring street bike line. This model has been out overseas for years so I 'm sure there is a strong aftermarket following. It just might take awhile to get it here in the US. But the price? 6 grand is way on the high side of what I would...
  14. Furious D

    1978 xs650 dirtbike

    1st thing I did was increase suspension travel. Triumph Scrambler rear shocks and progressive front springs with spacers. Before all that the bike would bottom out constantly when riding the trails. I probably lost about 50 Lbs by swapping the factory seat, put in a lightweight battery...
  15. Furious D

    Velorex install

    I had a Velorex 562 mounted to my XS for a couple years. I didnt use a subframe but ended up fabbing my own lower mounts. The upper mounts were the factory Velorex clamp-ons. They worked fine but I did check them about once a month. I still have the car and have it apart to beef up the frame...
  16. Furious D

    Sidecar 101

    There used to be a magazine called Sidecar Rider but I have not seen it at the bookstore in a long time. I believe the United sidecar association (USCA) also puts out a magazine with membership. Check out the hacks section over at the Advrider forum for a lot of good info...
  17. Furious D

    Wanted - Looking for a right side BS34 carb body

    I am need of a decent right side carb body for my 81. I'll buy a whole carb or maybe even a set if the price is right. Thanks
  18. Furious D

    dual sport tires

    I run a Trailwing TW-40 120/90-16 on the rear and a Shinko 705 110/80-19 on the front. Works pretty good and the nice thing is that you can find both these tires for less that $60 each if you shop around. I think Duro also makes a 16" dual-sport tire as well
  19. Furious D

    Anybody run a DT1 Seat?

    Not sure what model mine is off , I think its off a AT-1. Its pretty comfy but needs a seatcover.