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  1. Capt_Zoom

    40 Degree Raked Neck & Raked Triple Tree

    I have raked trees on my raider but its produced that way. Love them....they are supposedly a big reason why the Raider handles so much better than your typical HD. I know that demon cycle used to have HD raked trees for a reasonable price.
  2. Capt_Zoom

    Score, but...

    Nice score for $100. Looks like the grab bar is just like the one from my '80 SG
  3. Capt_Zoom

    Custom Bar Controls

    I just bought a cheap one ($10) for the Left side off ebay. Then bought a generic waterproof switches for main power, and kill switch from speedway motors for the center and right side.
  4. Capt_Zoom

    Pirelli vs Shinko

    I refuse to give Pirelli any money since they are the same company as Metzeler. Back in '08 the yamaha raider was sold with reverse tread (a manufacturing error). The Metz 210mm 808 tire was recalled everywhere but the USA. It basically made the high torque raider feel like it was on ice...
  5. Capt_Zoom

    Engine and Brake temperatures

    The spring seems good. I need a screwdriver to get it on. Maybe i'll order a new one just in case. Brakes aren't something I want failing on me or especially my wife since its her bike.
  6. Capt_Zoom

    Interesting find on carb boot gaskets

    After my top end rebuild which I used an Athena Gasket kit, I installed the Athena thick carb boot gaskets. First problem...because they were so thick it made my carb support brackets not fit...fixed that with some washers to space them out. But I ended up with an air leak. The motor RPM...
  7. Capt_Zoom

    your homebrew controls/switch or it didn't happen

    Forgot to mention...keep an eye on JP cycles sales. Those digital guard dog units go on sale often for like $90-100. Also if your looking to go even cheaper digital guard dog had a different unit that they used to to a parts shortage after the Japanese Tsunami in 2011. If you call them they...
  8. Capt_Zoom

    What is the average cost of a paint job?

    I do at least once a year. Most of the time the metal is exposed if I bother to fix it. I've also had some very bad powder coated products for my jeep. I once bought a hinge kit and during a single evening in Duluth Minnesota the whole kit rusted to crap. I installed it, went to bed, got up...
  9. Capt_Zoom

    Anybody look down there nose at your xs?

    I've done the HD thing, the buell thing as well as a variety of metrics. Never seen a more judgmental group than the HD guys...what's funny is that it has never been the older guys (that WWII-NAM era guys). The older guys are all thumbs up for the xs650 bobber and my '08 Raider. The bobber...
  10. Capt_Zoom

    What is the average cost of a paint job?

    Powdercoating is cheaper but the problem is what to do when you get that inevitable rock chip. With paint you can repair the chip. With Powdercoating you can't repair the damage other than try and find a paint match and pray it sticks.
  11. Capt_Zoom

    Engine and Brake temperatures

    Its easiest for me to check head temps. i have one of those pocket IR temp guages from when I used to run RC trucks. Very handy for tuning bikes.
  12. Capt_Zoom

    What is the average cost of a paint job?

    I got mine via a trade in services but my painter (who owns a paint supply shop) told me it would have cost $400 just in materials at most shops plus their time so he figured a $1000 total. He had some left over BMW match paint (super durable stuff) from painting his sons car so we did the...
  13. Capt_Zoom

    Engine and Brake temperatures

    After putting the motor back in the setting of the forward controls was off. Must have been dragging because after a short 1-2 mile cruise at 30mph I noticed them smoking rode a block home and they froze in the driveway. I stuck a fan on them and they unfroze in about 2 min. Readjusted the...
  14. Capt_Zoom

    Engine and Brake temperatures

    So what is considered safe temperatures on the xs650 Engine temp? Brake Temps? Reason I ask is I had a brake overheat and seize so I've been checking it a lot recently. on an 84 degree day I had 124 degrees today when I stopped riding.
  15. Capt_Zoom

    Looking for some turn signal set-ups/ideas

    Look just above my rear shocks. Those are tiny little mirrored turn signals from a R1. on an R1 they are embedded into the fairing. All I had to do do was make a very low profile L bracket that mounts to a shock bolt and then 3m tape them on. They work great, are fairly visible when they...
  16. Capt_Zoom

    your homebrew controls/switch or it didn't happen

    Soooo..... This is probably a dumb question, but do the digital guard dogs work with a kick only bike and a PMA? I'm not too up on electrical systems. They look like a great idea, and I'd love to try one out. Depends on where you wire it in. :) I wired it so that it would interrupt the...
  17. Capt_Zoom

    your homebrew controls/switch or it didn't happen

    '08 Yamaha Raider. 113 ci. :D Plan on building another xs for myself once I have a garage of my own again.
  18. Capt_Zoom

    What other bikes do you have?

    My '08 Yamaha Raider. Attached image is of the The Raider at night. Youtube shows all the colors sync'd to music '80 xs chop. My wife's ideas (her bike), my implementation and fabrication. Paint is a metal flake black, and has hand tooled seat. Weighs in at 385lbs wet.
  19. Capt_Zoom

    xs engine

    I'm dying to start another project but living in a rental I can't risk messing up the finished garage walls with my grinder and other stuff. Sucks. Hoping I can start a new project next year for myself once we're in our own place.
  20. Capt_Zoom

    xs engine

    I've already built one for the wife. But what I want to build for myself will require a custom frame and front end. So I'd be missing the wheels, ignition, carbs, rear brake and MC, and a few other items off the stocker. It just sucks finding a good motor....was too hard when I lived in...