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    Dellorto Pumper Carbs

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    Street Tracker the Swedish way.

    Nice work! Subscribed! Ser fram emot fler uppdateringar. /Patrik, fellow swede
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    Is it possible to renovate a front drum brake lining?

    Hi guys, Got a xs1 front drum brake, the lining inside the drum is thin. Too thin. Have anyone successfully replaced the lining? Is it even possible? Is it pressed, riveted or casted into the aluminium hub? I don't have access to my wheel at the moment (got a long way to the garage) so i...
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    How to: Brat style flat seat on the cheap!

    Smart and instructive, I'll probably steal some of these ideas. Nice work! /Patrik
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    Wanted - 18" flanged aluminium rim

    PM sent.
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    Wanted - 18" flanged aluminium rim

    Bump! Still searching...
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    Make Offer - xs650 parts for sale

    Pm sent! Posted via Mobile
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    Want a 860cc XS??

    I bought a chopped up xs2 and got a spare engine with it. Turned out to be a 87mm 880cc. Pistons are stamped Venolia. Rebuilding it now. Sofar I've cleaned the inside of the cases, replaced the tranny with '81 + overdrive 5th. Plugged the pushrod hole and going to use pull clutch...
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    Wanted - 18" flanged aluminium rim

    I need a 18" rear taksago 2.15 aluminium rim. I plan to lace it to a front drum brake hub I got. Thanks Patrik
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    help me win a tank from the horse!

    voted /patrik
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    Stroked and bored, whos done it?

    I went to buy a chopper from a guy. Original engine was a non-runner since the cam guide had given up and plastic and metal shavings was all over the engine, he didn't have time to fix it. But I would get a complete spare engine with it that was laying on the side. He said the spare probably...
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    Got another build on my hands- CAFE?????

    :bow: Exceptional work, congrats! /Patrik
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    Instrument visors? Buy, fab?

    Nice! Good work. Looking forward to seeing them mounted.
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    Coil testing? primary terminal?

    I don't own a Pamco (yet) but others can surely help you with that. Check that the nut that holds the rod through the cam didn't vibrate loose. Remove covers on both Pamco- and ATU-side to check. Happened to me once... I guess you confirmed that it receives gas? Remove plugs after a couple...
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    my normaha build start

    Need.More.Pictures. Of to an amazing start! Keep posting.
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    New old guy

    Sweet music to my ears bob. :thumbsup: Welcome to the forum. My next build will be somewhat like what you are describing. Think 60's motocross bike. :bike: Inspirational picture:
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    Stuck rear axle

    I'm not totally sure, but is'nt the chain adjusters specific for left/right side? The RHS adjuster has a smaller outer hole that fits just over the thinner, threaded part of the axle, the LHS adjuster don't. I'm not sure, maybe someone else can chip in on this also. If I'm right that should...
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    idles fine but dies when throttle turned

    I just realised that I've also had similar symptoms when my charging system started acting up. (Ground wire to regulator vibrated off and one of the diodes on my home made rectifier blew. Refitted the ground cable and switched to the unused diode and rode it home. Victory...) Make sure your...
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    idles fine but dies when throttle turned

    I've had a similar problems. Tore through the carbs several times until i bypassed the brand new inline fuel filter, then it fired right up. For some reason the filter did not work, it was an standard automotive fuel filter I bought at a gas station, pic below.