back fire

  1. 7

    '77 XS360 flooding on left side at wide open

    My 1977 xs360 hasn't been wanting to rev past 7-8000 rpm without sputtering out, you can hear the left cylinder start to crap out. I tracked the issue down to that side flooding with gas, but only at wide open. I ran it around just cruising, pulled the plugs and they both look healthy. A couple...
  2. Gpaws1968

    Inconsistent Idle

    Hi all, I will be working on the bike in winter, I have a new coil and plug leads, and I will pull the carbs. I took it out yesterday for a 50-mile ride and in the beginning after a difficult cold start the idle was 1000 to 1500 RPM but by the end of the ride it was racing at 3000 RPM, it's...
  3. Port

    Intermittent backfire during acceleration

    I am trying to diagnose a strange new backfire/stumble issue i have Specs: 1981 XS650 SH with Ganzo Box ignition BP7ES plugs 0.035" gaping High output coil from Mikes Carbs are well synced Stock air boxes Stock jetting (i believe) Was running with no issue on a PAMCO before the Ganzo...
  4. MadMax1996

    Makuni VM34 Carbs = Backfire / Throttle Hang

    Yesterday I had swapped my failing BS38 carbs for brand new pre-jetted Makuni VM34 roundslide carbs. The fuel is now running through 2 fuel lines - each going tank to carb separately with shutoff valves and fuel filters in between. It seems to be running well enough to head down the road...
  5. aDotInTime

    Mysterious issue with carbs

    So I'm at the point of tuning my '71 XB1. I was getting a popping exhaust on the left (sooty, dry). I fiddled with the ignition (Pamco) and got a pretty decent idle. However it would eventually slop out and die. I checked my coil, my plug leads, my plugs. All good connections. Plugs are...
  6. Grimmith

    Electrical Confusion.

    SOOO guys here I am again with complications. I had my 77 xs650 running fine. So, I took off the tank, rear fender, and side panels and painted them.....didn't touch the bike once in that process. I put everything back together and the timing is off this time, misfires and what not. I shut it...
  7. Y

    Help! back fire and kick back, my XS650 doesn't start!

    Hi legends, I have a 78 XS650, I was riding the XS for a while but it started white smoking from exhaust, and it is gradually getting hard to start the engine. I had backfire from carb and kick back badly. So I decided to install new VM34 carb and rebore the cylinder with brand new 2nd over...