1. X

    Steering Head Tapered Bearings

    Hey guys, I’ve just installed new All Balls Tapered Bearings. I’ve seated the new seats and the bottom bearing on the neck. I’m not sure on whether it is far enough in the head from the bottom end however. I’ll post a photo and if someone could tell me if it’s right or not that would be awesome...
  2. Muckroot

    unknown Wheel identification

    Hello, Bit of a newbie question but I recently bought an 1975 XS650B and subsequently discovered that the forks that were installed on the bike were XS400 forks, and totally don't fit the bike (the stem is too short). Because of this I've gone ahead and bought 34MM forks from a fellow forum...
  3. Muckroot

    "Used" Forks - need opinions

    Hello, I am talking with a guy in virginia about a set of forks he's got for (we think) an XS650. I'm interested in using just the forks, triple tree, bar clamps, and axle. I won't be using the fender, wheel, bars, or headlight brackets. I might use the hand controls but I haven't decided yet...
  4. T

    Top bearing set bottom race

    Hello! I am new to this thread as of about 5 minutes ago, I've had a great time working on my first build with my 81 xs650 but have run into what I hope is just a small hiccup.. I'm installing moto Iron springer forks, and have everything removed and ready except for the bottom race of the...
  5. Surfrat28

    Springer Front End Spacer

    Hey guys I have currently read through all the threads regarding springers. I currently have a DNA 2" under narrow springer. I have bought 1" trailer bearings and stock xs650 racers. The only thing I know I need to do is to cut the stem nut down to match the TCbros kit (its almost half the...

    Best Harley or GSXR front end for 1975 xs650 with 18 x 3.5 rim?

    Hi, just got my first xs650 1975. Looking for the least work to swap out my front end, planning on putting 18 x 3.5 in the front but getting stuck searching through threads for who has done this. Who has swapped the front end to a Harley or GSXR and had to do minimal work? Looking for a...
  7. Ash

    Taper roller bearing steering head conversion kit XS2

    I have an XS2 that I'm having a new frame made for. Ive been told to get a taper roller bearing steering head conversion kit, anyone know where I can pick one of these up?
  8. S

    Place where I can buy complete bearing set for the engine?

    I need to replace most bearings in my engine, is there some where I can buy all bearings to the engine as a package ?
  9. ScooterMagoo

    Bearing Seals

    Hello, I am replacing wheel bearings with All Balls Racing bearings. When I removed the old bearings, I noticed that the inside seals were taken off or never existed. Either way, doesn't matter. The new bearings are sealed on both sides. Do I remove the seals on one side before installing...
  10. JayR

    Need some help with stuck wheel bearing - the old one I was using to seat the new one

    I was following the steps from a thread on rear wheel bearing replacement. I Was doing OK until I got to the step to use the old large bearing to seat the new large bearing. The problem is that I can't get the old bearing out now. The thread I was reading said to remove it with a vice-grips...
  11. JayR

    All Ball Bearings kit part ID help

    Hi gents, I am switching out to tapered steering head bearings and have a question I hope you can weigh in on. there are 2 washer/spacers and then what looks like a replacement dust seal, or a washer/spacer with some rubber on it. - Thick washer and thin washer on the right - washer with...
  12. offthewall

    Wrong flange spacer?

    Hey there anyone know how the front bearing and spacer assembly goes together? Its not looking right to me. Is the flange supposed to slide over the spacer like in the rear? This one is a super tight fit. The diameter is significantly smaller on the flange and spacer than the bore in the hub...
  13. A

    Wheel bearing help

    Hey all just had a quick question on how to remove wheel bearings? Im swaping to a 20x47 to run a gsxr front axle Never mind lol
  14. A

    rear bearing spacer

    Hi guys. I'm reassembling my rear mag wheel (78 special). Just went to put the spacer tube in between the bearings and noticed that there's no flange / collar on there like there is on the front one and in the photos. I'm going to have a good dig about incase it's in my box of bits but...
  15. A

    Front Wheel Bearing Stuck!

    hey guys, I cant remove the bearings in my front wheel (mag type). I've read on the forum about pushing the spacer tube down to allow a draft or punch to reach and tap out the outer race, however, I cant do that as the tube is stuck and wont drop more than a couple of mm. I'm guessing one of the...
  16. Rexxis

    Harley wheel bearings mated to stock XS 17mm axle, HOW?

    I've been reading as much as I can abt matching a Harley hub to a stock XS 17mm axle and I can't find a definitive fix. If I have missed the answer to my question here, then please, someone point me in the right direction. Let me start off by saying I'm running a Wargasser spool out front, not...
  17. D

    Cam bearings

    What is involved in removing and replacing cam bearings? Can it be done without removing the head?
  18. breahn riley

    Steering Head Bearing Kit

    Has anyone purchased these kits from Mikes or 650central? I like the idea of replacing the loose ball bearings. What do you guys think?