bleeding brakes

  1. X

    Rear Brake Bleed

    Okay I’m stumped here. Rear brakes working, pulled them off when I took the engine out. Had the fluid reservoir hanging upside down for some time. I’m assuming I introduced some air into the line as it would give me no pressure when I reassembled. So I tried… many times, to bleed the...
  2. E

    Brakes won't fully pressurize

    To begin with I understand that there are a lot of threads concerning brakes, however i'm posting because i've been attempting to fix this issue for about a month with little to no progress and have reached despiration. Both the front (dual disc) and rear (disc) brakes on my 81 xs650 special II...
  3. JNizza92

    Can not seem to bleed front brakes 1975 xs650

    little bit of background. Just rebuild the bike, new lines, no fluid in anything. This is the master cylinder I have: I have been trying to bleed these brakes for 2 days now, today I spent 2 hours trying to get them to bleed. (first using the...
  4. littlebill31

    How to: Bleeding The Brakes

    Bleeding your brakes is quite easy and very important. Air in the lines can cause brake fade and failure, which can result in severe injury. However, bleeding the braking system is not to be used as a "quick fix" for other problems. Proper understanding of the master cylinder and brake caliper...