1. L

    Blinker Issues

    Hello all! Currently sorting through several things with the 79 650SF. Amongst them I have some blinker issues. Right side lights up but it does not blink. Left side does not light up at all and obviously does not blink (ha!). Checked and all the bulbs are good. I had read in another thread...
  2. Sudonate91

    Led Blinkers (that work) but led turn signal indicator in center column.

    I just got done putting blinkers back on my 650. Went with led bulbs in the entire chain including the one that flashes in the center console indicator. I also got the blinker relay from I also have a brand new wiring loom and I re wired the grounds on the blinkers with new...
  3. H

    Aftermarket Left-hand Switches Wiring HELP PLEASE

    This is my very first motorcycle project. I bought this aftermarket device for my turn signals, headlight, and horn control. It only has 8 wires while the original setup on my 1982 XS400s has 10 wires. However, they serve the same function (except the original blinker switch comes back to the...