1. S

    Looking for help, building a bobber.

    I have a 1972 Yamaha XS 650, it was a "barn find" for around 400 dollars and I'm looking to make a bobber out of it or at least something that is very bobber like. When I think of a bobber, I think of WW 2 vets coming home, most weren't rich or famous, who needed an escape from life. Their...
  2. M

    My first bobber build.

    Im looking to build a bobber. I think Im buying a 1979 Honda off my friend. does anyone have any cool pictures is the 750 better or worse than the 650? Im looking to build a bike like this.... I think on my first build I want to make it the "Rat" style. or a hardtale. Im not a...
  3. D

    HELP! 650 Bobber

    I recently bought a 1978 650 special with the purpose of turning it into a bobber. 2questions at this time. 1. Can I turn the stock frame into a rigid by removing the shocks and adding struts? I want to lower the back of the bike as much as possible. 2. What's the tallest mini-apes I...
  4. XS650RR

    Let's See The XS's

    Ok boys show the goods .... You have all seen mine, but I'll start off the thread .....:thumbsup: