1. X

    Rear Brake Bleed

    Okay I’m stumped here. Rear brakes working, pulled them off when I took the engine out. Had the fluid reservoir hanging upside down for some time. I’m assuming I introduced some air into the line as it would give me no pressure when I reassembled. So I tried… many times, to bleed the...
  2. thrilla

    I fell off my XS650 'Fat Cast Brat' and I'd like your opinion.

    Hi all! So I picked up my first 1978 XS650 last month from the 2nd owner since its restoration. I had it delivered from south England to my house in Yorkshire, I was blind buying but I've been obsessed with XS650's for a few years and when this bike, built by Kuna Customs, came up for sale, I...
  3. J

    Rear brake resevoir placement

    So im gonna be making s bracket to hold my rear res since it's been fitted with a rear disk instead of drum , but I'm wanting to try my best to hide or cover the res cause tbh it's God damn ugly where it is atm , any ideas of placement ir things you've done
  4. T

    1974 TX650 Front Caliper Dragging/Locking Up

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I am having a very peculiar issue with my 74 TX650. The completely rebuilt front brakes are locking up. To ensure my brakes would work well and I wouldn't have any issues, I bought a new master cylinder, a caliper rebuild kit, new pistons and new pads. I cleaned the...
  5. B

    Moto iron/Tcbros Springer front end caliper

    Hey there, I’ve got the forks mentioned in the title, but the calliper from Tc bro’s seems a little pricey (for Canadian) but I don’t know how to find out which other callipers work. Does anybody know any calipers which will work that might be a little cheaper?
  6. Muckroot

    Wanted - 34mm fork lowers or whole forks

    Hello, I am looking for a nice set of fork lowers for a chopper project. I already have stanchions and all the bits including the trees and caliper, however I am willing to pay the extra for a complete set of forks if the lowers are in really tip-top shape (with consideration to their age)...
  7. Muckroot

    Which pads for unknown calipers?

    I have a caliper assembly that fits the 34mm forks I'm running on my hardtail project. I cant figure out which pads to get from mikes though, because two of the options have key tabs on them. can anyone eyeball this caliper and let me know which of these two sets of pads is the correct set...
  8. Muckroot

    unknown Wheel identification

    Hello, Bit of a newbie question but I recently bought an 1975 XS650B and subsequently discovered that the forks that were installed on the bike were XS400 forks, and totally don't fit the bike (the stem is too short). Because of this I've gone ahead and bought 34MM forks from a fellow forum...
  9. T

    Brake options for early front ends

    On 74 front end. Have chased never ending front brake issues. Replaced all front brake components. Multiple MCs, SS line, caliper from Mikes.... only the union line from caliper is original. I think this caliper is junk is my current issue. Any interesting upgrade solutions that let me keep...
  10. rem61

    Cafe Racer Controls

    Hello all, I've looked high and low for a set of matching controls for my xs 650 build. I have yet to find a clutch, brake and master cylinder along with a throttle that match. Has anyone had any success in this area they can share? As my first build I'm also unclear about the specs. needed for...
  11. S

    Older Drum Laced Wheels on a 1980 XS650

    Hello, Noobie here. Feel free to ream me out if this question has been asked before but I couldn't find any answers. I'm about to join the xs650 club with a chopped up 1980 that has mag wheels and disc brakes. Because the previous owner chopped off the rear end ill be welding on one of the...
  12. 650Skull

    Rear Brake conversion - Drum to Disk or Disk to Drum

    * NOTE: Not the finished product..........corrections to be made to files and write up to come Any input welcome from others experience............ NOTE: This conversion could be done on 70-73 Models but there is some differences in the length of the swing-arm and frame dimensions, this...
  13. ChopperRobb

    For Sale - Master Cylinder

    i bought a mikes xs slanted master cylinder several years ago. Ive never used it. Ive never opened it up and exposed the inside to air. Its been plugged the whole time. Now that im so close to finishing my build ive realized i cant use this master cylider becsuse its really meant for a dual disc...
  14. M

    Wheel Compatability

    Looking to build my tracker with mags and disks. Can anyone tell me if 77 RD400 or 77 XS500 wheels and disks will fit my 83 XS650? SR500 wheels are hard to find. Anyone know of any other options out there?
  15. eight0

    XS2 master cylinder size

    Can someone help me identifying the front master cylinder I have on my XS2? underneath it has 2 5/8 2. The Outside diameter of the bowl is 50mm and the inner diameter is 45mm. I ordered a replacement cap and diaphragm that was supposed to be for my bike from Yambits but it was too small so I...
  16. eyewinder

    Experience with EBC semi-sintered V-pads?

    Wondering if anyone has tried out EBC semi-sintered pads on their XS? Found some decent reviews on heavier cruisers (quiet, positive braking, good feel etc), but I haven't heard anything about older (and lighter) bikes like the XS. They seem to offer a good balance between sintered pad...
  17. E

    Brakes won't fully pressurize

    To begin with I understand that there are a lot of threads concerning brakes, however i'm posting because i've been attempting to fix this issue for about a month with little to no progress and have reached despiration. Both the front (dual disc) and rear (disc) brakes on my 81 xs650 special II...
  18. gggGary

    Some things to consider, re; rear brakes Slid bikes a time or just, never you mind, but uh not since umm Tuesday on the FJR. The hot rod XS Madness nearly got me, an older tire and "more effective than my other XS' drum" disk rear made for an...
  19. F

    1976 XS650 rotor dimensions

    Hi Haven't posted for a while, but was out for the first ride of the new year today and realised the list of jobs I wanted to do over the winter didn't get done. When I put the bike together I did the Brembo conversion and always intended to swap out the industrial rotors for something lighter...
  20. eyewinder

    Brake Lever Travel – Stock vs Smaller Master Cylinder

    As part of a brake system overhaul on my 1980 Special (caliper and rear master cylinder rebuilds + new stainless steel lines), I'm looking to replace the front master cylinder with a smaller bore model. This is my first motorcycle and since the brakes were shot when I purchased the bike, I have...