1. E

    Quick carb verification, please.

    So just to ask because I don’t know and while I can read, I wanna be sure before I order stuff.. short background, got the bike in a box and there are parts here and there from a couple different bikes. I am sure the one on the left (or top, picture depending) is a 34 and the one under it is a...
  2. M

    Surging at low RPM's

    Hey forum'ers, I recently bought a non-running 1980 XS650 and have been bringing it back to life. First of all I want to say that this place has been extremely helpful for getting informed on all aspects of the bike, and most problems I've encountered there is usually a thread with great advice...
  3. NorazDad

    Bs 34s on an '81 H high Idle

    I have been having a heck of a time with these carbs and the running of my bike. I had a crazy post a year go about how the vent in my gas cap sent me down a rabbit hole that took months to resolve. Recently I have had a similar problem caused by me due to the collapse of the fuel line T mod I...
  4. MadeThatMyself

    2FastMoto Foam Pods??? eBay Purchase

    As I rebuild my first XS650, I have been doing a ton of reading on what to do and what not to do thanks to all the contributing members on this forum. So first off, thank you all for sharing your expertise and experiences. In terms of pod filters, I have gathered that the consensus is the UNI...
  5. Tim Meaders

    Idle Mix Screw

    I have 2 sets of BS34's that have different size idle mixture screws. I have tried to determine which size is correct for the 81 carb but I have not been able to find the info anywhere. If anyone knows which size is correct I would appreciate the help. The image shows both screws with the...
  6. JaxShane650

    BS34 Carbs 1980 XS650

    So after getting an 1980 XS650 last year that had a lost title and a plethora of issues, I am finally on the road this summer and fall. So far its been an awesome bike but I am finding that my carbs may need a bit of an upgrade / adjustment. I have the BS34's with pod filters and a 2-1 exhaust...
  7. E

    Wanted - BS34 LH Carb Body, or set of carbs

    Pilot screw badly stuck in my LH carb ended up with the threads destroyed and pilot still in there. Need a replacement LH carb body, or would consider full carb or set of carbs. BS34 style, my bike is a 1980 but I believe its the same carbs '80-'84. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  8. L

    Carbs: Before I dig in

    I have read the guides, i have searched the interwebs... but I would like some guidance / thoughts. 81 XS-650, BS34's stock main 132.5, stock pilot 42.5, but Needle Jet - 336 YO, and Jet Needle - 5IX11. also stock air jet of 135 and 2 1/2 turns out mix screw. float bowl height 21mm +-. AND i...
  9. Terrible1

    Weather change, stumble at idle and low end jetting issue?

    Currently I have my bike jetted for the 90 degree weather but lately its reaching highs of 50's and maybe 60's. Well my bike has developed idle issues as well as 1/8-1/4 throttle flat spot. Here's a rundown of what I've got 74 TX 650 motor Pamco Ignition (original) Dynatek Coil NGK plugs...
  10. JaxShane650

    Trouble/What To Do With This Stock BS34 Minikuni Carb?

    Encountered a larger problem when taking apart my carb for the second time and believed it deserved its own thread to try and figure out what to do with this thing.
  11. JaxShane650

    Idle trouble with stock BS34 Mikuni CV carburetors (also broken bits)

    The Bike I have a pretty much stock 1980 xs650 that I am trying to get back into road worthy condition. I have pretty much got this thing ready to go but I am having a carburetor issue(or at least that what I think is the issue). The carb is a BS34 Mikuni and I have no clue if the main jets have...
  12. wally_nd

    Wanted - BS34 throttle shafts and plates (butterflies)

    Looking for throttle shafts for XS650 BS34 carbs. I need the plate and shaft for the right carb for sure but will likely need both. My carbs are 1980 and I am assuming that all bs34's for xs650s were the same except for the floats.
  13. wally_nd

    BS34 throttle plate and shaft - advice and or parts needed

    Working on my 1980 XS and found I had leaking carb shaft seals. Ground down the staked ends of the throttle plate screws but could not get the screws out. I tried drilling out the screws on the right carb and fear I didn't get the drill centered in the screw and will never get the threads clean...
  14. Halloweenie

    For Sale - BS34 Carbs (OldSkoolCarbs rebuilt)

    I have a set of BS34's from what I was told was an '81, so they have the pull knob choke. They were completely redone by Rick West of OldSkoolCarbs back in 2012, but they have sat in the box ever since they were delivered. I never even got to ride them before I was forced off bikes due to my...
  15. C

    cdn needle 5ix11..genuine mikuni.

    Mikes in canada doesnt have real ones.....jets r us sucks...its not 1986, i dont want to send you a money order....any other suppliers?
  16. YL82

    Prep & Painting of BS34 Black Carbs from '82 Heritage Special

    I plan to repaint the BS34 Carbs from my '82 HS. Factory paint was removed via paint stripper and residual was cleaned by soda blasting. All jets, plastic & rubber parts were removed prior. I have degreased the carbs a number of times using separate applications of Brakleen (red can)...
  17. F

    BS34 Rebuild - Throttle Shaft lateral movement

    Hi Lads, Nearly finished my way through rebuilding 2 sets of BS34 carbs, everythings been hydro blasted, plated, cleaned and sealed. One thing I forgot to do and was hoping for some help with was measure how much play the throttle shaft shown in the picture attached has. I've re-installed...
  18. SpongeBobbed

    Gas Pouring Out of Fuel Filter

    Hi Guys, I picked up another 650 a few weeks ago and have been trying to turn it into a bit of a cafe racer. I've been working on a bobber on and off for the last couple years, so I wanted something I could just ride and add a few things here and there. It was a pretty sad sight when I first...
  19. B

    BS34 Choke Question

    Alright guys, I have a question. I was rebuilding my BS34s and now when I pull the choke, it doesn't stick in the 3 stages that it did before the rebuild. I see that on the rod there are 3 holes that are suppose to catch when you pull the choke. Mine does not catch, it just springs back and...
  20. Jawknee21

    ANOTHER jetting thread. I know what I'm talking about now... I think...

    Ok, so im going to try fixing my jetting. After a few months of 30mpg i think its time. Heres what i got, 83 Sk Bs34s 142.5 main 127.5 air Wheres the pilot jet? Under that rubber plug? I had the carbs completely apart today and didnt bother looking in there... 3 turns out on air mix screws...